Court Reserves Verdict in Rahul Gandhi-Modi Defamation Case

Congress workers protesting against PM Narendra Modi and Adani Group on February 6, 2023. Photo Congress
Congress workers protesting against PM Narendra Modi and Adani Group on February 6, 2023. Photo Congress

Court Reserves Verdict in Rahul Gandhi-Modi Defamation Case

By RMN News Service

A sessions court in Surat has decided to defer its verdict on the appeal in the defamation case in which Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been convicted. After hearing arguments from both sides today (April 13), the court said it will pronounce its order on April 20.

Earlier, in March, a court in Gujarat had found Rahul Gandhi guilty in the defamation case over his remarks about the “Modi” surname of PM Narendra Modi. The conviction led to his disqualification from parliament.

In his speech made in 2019 in Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi had compared PM Modi with fugitive businessmen Nirav Modi and Lalit Modi, saying “How come all thieves have the common surname Modi?” 

The Modi government used the controversial court judgment to expel Rahul Gandhi from parliament on March 24. Congress said it is an attempt by the Modi regime to terrorize Rahul Gandhi who is questioning Modi on various issues. 


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For the past couple of months, Rahul Gandhi has been accusing Modi of his criminal collusion with Indian oligarch Gautam Adani who is facing a series of corporate fraud allegations.

After Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification from parliament, Congress leaders and workers are holding passive protests against the Modi government. But Congress does not understand that the philosophy of passive resistance or shallow rhetoric does not work in today’s autocratic atmosphere. 

If Congress really wants to raise its voice effectively, it will have to hold continuous street protests and occupy the streets permanently because dictators fear only chaotic streets.

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