Megamind to Debut on Blu-ray and DVD

DreamWorks Animation SKG’s film Megamind will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on Friday, Feb. 25, 2011. It features the voice talent of mega-stars Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, David Cross and Jonah Hill.

The film kicks off a Mega-weekend with the debut of an all-new action-comedy starring fan-favorite characters Megamind and Minion. 

Featuring members of the original voice cast, Megamind: The Button of Doom follows the daring duo on their first day on the job as the new protectors of Metro City. 

It will be available for a limited time in a Double DVD Pack and in a Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack. The Double DVD Pack also includes a behind-the-scenes look at the cast, a peek into Megamind’s lair, filmmaker commentary, a tutorial on drawing Megamind, a video comic book and more. 

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Earlier, DreamWorks had carried out an aggressive marketing campaign to promote Megamind, which was released in theaters on Nov. 5, 2010.

As part of the marketing and promotional efforts on behalf of the film, Chase Freedom rolled out its first-ever movie-themed execution inspired by the signature blue of its corporate insignia that integrates the creative elements from Megamind. (Read: DreamWorks Rolls Out Marketing Plan for Megamind)

Further, DreamWorks and Zynga announced that Megamind, the self-described “incredibly handsome master of all villainy,” will become a neighbor to all 17 million game players on FarmVille.

Megamind himself  launched his very own “Mega-Farm,” a landmark within the popular social game that incorporates the storyline and characters from the studio’s feature film, Megamind. (Read: Megamind to Play in Mega-Farm on FarmVille)

The Blu-ray/DVD Combo includes exclusive features such as The Animators’ Corner featuring picture-in-picture storyboards, behind-the-scenes footage and insightful interviews, as well as pop-up trivia, a comic creator and more. 

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Offering tremendous value and hours of entertainment for the whole family, DreamWorks says, the Double DVD Pack and Blu-ray/DVD Combo will be available for $19.99 and $24.99 respectively. 

According to the company, Megamind puts a whole new hilarious twist on the superhero movie. Super villain Megamind’s (Will Ferrell) dreams have come true when he captures the damsel in no distress (Tina Fey) and conquers the city’s protector Metro Man (Brad Pitt), gaining control of Metro City. 

But when a new villain (Jonah Hill) is created and chaos runs rampant, the world’s biggest “mind” and his comic sidekick Minion (David Cross) might actually be the ones to save the day. 

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For their first day on the job as the new protectors of Metro City, Megamind (Will Ferrell) and Minion (David Cross) are selling off the gadgets from their evil lair. 

But when one seemingly harmless “button” unleashes the gigantic robot MEGA-MEGAmind, the duo will have to resort to their old tricks to restore order in this all-new action-comedy from DreamWorks Animation.

All of DreamWorks Animation’s feature films are now being produced in 3D. The company has theatrically released a total of 21 animated feature films, including the franchise properties of Shrek, Madagascar , Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon.

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