Science of Visual Art Book Released for Art Lovers and Learners

Science of Visual Art: Practice Guide to Sketching, Drawing, and Painting. By Surinder Shanker Anand of
Science of Visual Art: Practice Guide to Sketching, Drawing, and Painting. By Surinder Shanker Anand of

Science of Visual Art Book Released for Art Lovers and Learners

Science of Visual Art: Practice Guide to Sketching, Drawing, and Painting

By Surinder Shanker Anand of

Surinder Shanker Anand – who is a visual art expert – has introduced a new book under the title, “Science of Visual Art: Practice Guide to Sketching, Drawing, and Painting.”

Shanker explains that the book will be useful for art lovers, including hobbyists, students, and teachers. The free-of-charge book aims to teach various aspects of modern art covering topics such as sketching, drawing, and painting on multimedia platforms.

“With content thoughtfully curated to enhance comprehension of artistic fundamentals and techniques, including practical practice sheets and templates, the book stands as an essential and invaluable asset for those who harbour a deep passion for the realm of art,” said Shanker who runs an online Shanky Studio from Chandigarh.

After conducting extensive research over a span of 20 years, according to Shanker, the Shanky Studio has developed and introduced an innovative education methodology for visual art educators. 

The primary focus of the education methodology is to determine how a course can be designed and delivered both efficiently and effectively. According to Shanker, methodology plays a critical role when dealing with the typical subject related to visual art education, especially where participants’ interest, existing skills, and abilities are not homogeneous. 

He encourages the art teachers to implement this education methodology to improve their teaching practices and provide a more enriching learning experience to their students.

“Using the described unique and proven visual art teaching methodology, which accelerates the learning process by 70% to 80%, teachers can reduce the learning curve, shorten the timelines, and improve retention,” Shanker explains.

Some of the components of the book are:

Practice Sheets

An extensive array of practice sheets and templates is provided, meticulously crafted in accordance with the methodology.

Reference Images

Numerous reference images are available to facilitate a deep understanding of the underlying concepts.


Content designed to cater to a wide audience, including hobbyists, beginners, intermediates, art teachers, and visual art students.

Free Book

This is a 100% freely available book in the public domain, and you can distribute, copy, and modify its content.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content that evolves as the book is updated with fresh material, practice sheets, and reference images on a monthly basis.


The book is a collaborative initiative and serves as a shared repository for contributions from a diverse group of artists and art teachers.

Advanced Topics

Includes topics such as digital software tools, teaching methodologies, and insights into the commercial viability of art for artists.

Art Teachers

The book provides art teachers with valuable resources like teaching methodologies and practice sheets for designing effective courses.

Road Map

In the future, according to Shanker, the book will persistently broaden its scope to encompass rare and less readily accessible topics. “We are in the process of adding over 500 illustrations, reference pictures, and practice sheets. Stay tuned for the next version, which will be released in January 2024,” he said.

You can click here to download the latest version of the book.

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