Was the American Journalist James Foley Killed by ISIS?

Was the American Journalist James Foley Killed by ISIS?
Was the American Journalist James Foley Killed by ISIS?

By Rakesh Raman

In a shocking revelation, the mother of American journalist James Foley who was reportedly beheaded and killed last month by the terrorist outfit ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), says she was not allowed by the U.S. administration to save her son.

In an interview with CNN, the mother claimed the government officials suggested that the family can’t pay ransom to get Foley released from his captors, as paying ransom is not permitted under law, and paying ransom to ISIS will encourage them to kidnap more Americans.

It’s was stated that earlier Foley’s captors had demanded 100 million euros ($132.5 million) for his release.

If all that Foley’s mother has told in her interview is true, it once again raises many questions against the intentions of U.S. government, as it’s trying to justify fresh wars in Iraq and Syria.

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It’s not the first time the U.S. government is using such shady tactics to attack others. Earlier, the U.S. invaded Afghanistan with the excuse of retaliating 9-11 (2001) attacks. Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was attacked in 2003 with the excuse to destroy WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) in Iraq. All these were unfounded justifications, which are being challenged even today.

Now Syria will be attacked by the U.S. and its allies to retaliate the reported beheading of James Foley and later of Steven Sotloff allegedly by ISIS. And to ensure British participation in the attacks against Syria, reports are coming now that a British hostage David Haines is also beheaded similarly.

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It’s very difficult to say with certainty that these beheadings are committed by ISIS. All these are conjectures and the stories in the media are based on the U.S. version of the reported killings.

The person in the black dress who is standing beside the victim in the released videos is always masked and not been identified publicly. Then how can you say that they are ISIS’ militants?

As there may be a hidden motive behind these killings, Foley’s family was not allowed to get him released. Secretary of State John Kerry, however, stated Friday that he is not aware of any such advice to Foley’s family from the State Department.

Then who killed James Foley?

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of RMN Company

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