Your New Marketing Tool: Video Email

As the business communication means are evolving, video email is emerging as an effective tool for companies to promote their offerings among the buyers. In this article, Roland Millward looks at ways that video email can prove to be more effective than regular email.

The world of communication was revolutionized with the advent of the Internet. In the short life of the Internet we have seen tremendous changes in the way it is used especially since Broadband became widely available.

The Internet is all about communication and little wonder it is often referred to as ‘the information super highway’ as the amount of traffic that travels on it is beyond human comprehension. We know that as soon as we send an email it is received in almost an instant of time and able to be read thousands of miles away.

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Many Internet users are now using VOIP (voice over IP) systems such as Skype and connecting with video to talk to each other. Video is becoming a huge part of the Internet as is proven by the growth of YouTube and the way videos are now inserted into websites.

Most of us are now used to receiving countless number of emails each week. This has perhaps somewhat undermined the marketing capabilities of email as we get used to deleting much of it without reading the whole message.

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What can be done to counter this problem so that our email gets attention? Of course much email is now in html form and so can contain attention grabbing pictures and graphics. The use of pictures and colour does help. But how else could your message get across without the receiver having to go through the whole email?

Video email has arrived. It is now quite easy to produce good quality videos and send these in email form. The receiver does not need any special equipment or software. Our message can even be personalised and watched just as though we are speaking to them in a live situation. Products can be shown and explained by video, far better than any photo can do.

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The possibilities for using video email are only limited by our imagination. A real estate agent, for example, could contact a client they know is looking for a property. Within the video they could talk directly to the client explaining why they think this is their ideal property and then give them a video guided tour of it.

This technique could be applied in many businesses such as hotels, leisure facilities, car dealers and more. Even lawyers and accountants who don’t have a product to show can use video email to explain to a client rather than rely on them reading it correctly.

One successful builder in Spain uses video email to confirm the initial appointment and consultation with a client. He then shows them information about his company in a video that is set out like a TV style property programme.

The video looks very professional and the effects have been very good. His conversion of initial appointments into business increased by 22 percent, which is a really fantastic return on investment (ROI).

It is now possible to capture clients details on a website and respond (using auto-responders) with a video email rather than the standard ones that we are all used to receiving.

Video email is certainly going to become a huge part of online communication and is worthwhile any business investigating it and finding a suitable system for their needs. Why not look at the option for your business and be ahead of the competition?

Based in the United Kingdom, Roland Millward works with businesses to help them make full use of the Internet and Social Media to achieve business growth.

He has written this article for Raman Media Network as his opinion on the effectiveness of video email.

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One thought on “Your New Marketing Tool: Video Email

  • November 30, 2010 at 8:54 PM

    You’re absolutely right about the power of video within email. Showing, talking about and actively demonstrating products is miles better than images and text. For personalized services – like the lawyer you mention (or an insurance agent, account manager, pastor or minister, etc) – it’s wholly unique. No one else can duplicate your face, your voice, your manner of speech, your presentation style.

    This is what led a friend of set out to create a video email marketing platform in Oct 2006 ( Four years later, it’s extremely well developed and working beautifully for all manner of customers. It’s fascinating to see the range of people starting free trials or opening proper accounts and using video email as the next step in effective communication.

    Nice to see video email getting some attention.

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