Delhi Government Minister Faces Corruption Charges

Delhi Government Ad. Photo by Sanjay Gupta

Delhi Government Ad. Photo by Sanjay Gupta

Two facts of Indian politics:

Fact 1. All politicians are corrupt.

Fact 2. If you think, some of them are not corrupt, see Fact 1.

By Rakesh Raman

While corruption has increased manifold in Delhi – particularly during the past one year of Arvind Kejriwal’s regime, a fresh case of corruption involving a Delhi government minister has now surfaced.

Opposition Congress party released a sting video Tuesday alleging that Imran Hussain, a minister in Kejriwal’s government sent his man recently to demand bribe from a local resident.

A Congress leader Ajay Maken released the video and an audio clip saying that he is exposing a corruption scandal involving another serving Minister of the Arvind Kejriwal government – Imran Hussain.

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“When one Mr. Qasim was building a house for his own residential purpose, a staffer, a junior engineer, and the brother of minister Imran Hussain demanded a bribe of Rs. 25 lakh from him,” Maken said.

While enticing voters in last year’s Delhi election, Kejriwal had promised to weed out corruption from government departments, but all his promises proved to be blatant lies.

Today, people of Delhi are facing multiple problems created by Kejriwal’s government. These include broken roads, disrupted power supply, inflated water consumption charges, deadly pollution, dirty atmosphere, and mounting corruption.

Although no probe against corrupt politicians delivers meaningful results, Congress is demanding an inquiry into the new corruption case.

“Our demand to Arvind Kejriwal is simple – Imran Hussain must resign and there should be a CBI probe based on the videos and audio clips shared, after which necessary action must be taken,” the Congress leader said.

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of RMN Company

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