Russian Fairy Tales Work at Skazki Exhibition

Skazki, the Russian word for fairy tales, is a much loved subject in Russian culture. The Ana Tzarev Gallery is presenting an exhibition featuring rare Russian fairy tale ornaments and postcards as well as a preview of a selection of the artist Ana Tzarev’s extensive series of Russian Fairy Tale paintings.

The ornaments, known as ‘tree toys’ were produced in the former Soviet Union from 1936 – 1966 to celebrate the New Year holiday.

The fanciful renderings of Mother Fox and costumed bears were made in small factories from a variety of materials, including cotton, glass, cardboard, paper and copper wire. 

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The Skazki exhibition includes over 500 examples of ornaments from the collection of Kim Balaschak, an American woman who lived in Russia from 1995 through 2008.

The artist Ana Tzarev has a deep affinity for Russia; her Slavic heritage was the initial inspiration for her Russian Fairy Tale paintings.

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She began the research in her childhood, immersing herself in the history, literature and arts of the country.

The color and scale of the paintings heighten the emotion of the scenes, bringing a freshness and vitality to these familiar and beloved stories.

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The Ana Tzarev Gallery features the work of the artist Ana Tzarev as well as presenting special exhibitions of works by other international artists consistent with Ana Tzarev’s commitment to cultural awareness and social consciousness.

The exhibition dates: Dec. 16, 2010 – Feb. 5, 2011.

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