What Women Want: An Amazing Film on Women

What Women Want: An Amazing Film on Women

What Women Want: An Amazing Film on Women

India’s leading jewellery brand ORRA has created a series of videos with the help of its consumers and its digital agency Buzzinga Digital.

While the first film captured ‘What women want’, the second film, according to the company, has gone a step further by getting to know ‘What women would advice their younger self?’

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Announced today, April 17, the film depicts the thoughts of a woman, the many wishes she had, the undone jobs, the foregone desires, the things she would want to change, and so on.

“Shot in HD with soft hues, we captured the women in spaces they are most comfortable in. We drew them out, and they shared their thoughts – on the palms of their hands,” says Vijay Jain, CEO, ORRA.

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