BJP Launches “Jhootha Kahin Ka” Campaign to Get “Corrupt” Kejriwal Jailed

BJP workers on May 5, 2023 protesting in New Delhi against misappropriation of public money by Arvind Kejriwal on his house renovation. Photo: BJP
BJP workers on May 5, 2023 protesting in New Delhi against misappropriation of public money by Arvind Kejriwal on his house renovation. Photo: BJP

BJP Launches “Jhootha Kahin Ka” Campaign to Get “Corrupt” Kejriwal Jailed

While BJP is complaining against AAP, Kejriwal claims that BJP leader and prime minister (PM) Narendra Modi is the most corrupt PM that India has seen after its independence in 1947.

By Rakesh Raman

The Delhi unit of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has announced a citywide campaign to expose massive corruption by Delhi chief minister (CM) Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

Launched under the “Jhootha Kahin Ka” or “frequent liar” banner, the BJP campaign aims to make Delhi people aware about the corruption and constant lies being spread by Kejriwal and his AAP colleagues.

According to BJP, the four-week campaign – which kick starts today (May 6) – includes a 27-minute video film about Kejriwal’s corruption, blatant lies, and false promises. The BJP workers will disseminate the related information across the city as well as on social media channels.

The trigger point of BJP’s onslaught is the news about wastage of public money by Kejriwal on his house renovation. Delhi Lt. Governor (LG) Vinai Kumar Saxena has ordered an investigation into the reported Rs. 45 crore misappropriation of public funds by Kejriwal on the renovation of his house.

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In a press conference held on May 5, senior BJP leaders said that Kejriwal’s AAP colleagues – including former deputy CM Manish Sisodia and former health minister Satyendar Jain – are already in jail for their alleged involvement in massive corruption scandals. Courts have been rejecting their bail applications repeatedly.

But corruption has not stopped in the Kejriwal government, BJP alleges, adding that Kejriwal and his colleagues have committed acts of huge corruption in school construction projects and hospital construction work for which all of them should be incarcerated.

Last year, Delhi LG Saxena ordered a probe into Delhi’s classrooms construction projects and sought a report from Delhi chief secretary over the delay of more than 2 years in the Vigilance Department action advised by India’s top anti-corruption organization Central Vigilance Commission (CVC).

Similarly, AAP politicians are embroiled in Delhi liquor scam of hundreds of crores of rupees and squandering of public money on Mohalla Clinics (community health care centers) which are not functioning properly. 

While top AAP politicians are in jail, the names of others – including Kejriwal, Sanjay Singh, and Raghav Chadha – also appear in the chargesheet of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) which is investigating the liquor scandal and the issue of money laundering. 

An NDTV report of May 2 reveals the details of the Delhi liquor scam case in which a slew of AAP politicians are allegedly involved. The new BJP campaign is supposed to expose all these scandals.

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While BJP is complaining against AAP, Kejriwal claims that BJP leader and prime minister (PM) Narendra Modi is the most corrupt PM that India has seen after its independence in 1947.

In a speech delivered in Delhi Assembly on March 28, Kejriwal presented detailed data on Modi’s corruption and exposed his criminal nexus with oligarch Gautam Adani. 

It is alleged that Modi has been colluding with his corporate crony Adani, who is facing serious financial fraud and money laundering allegations involving thousands of crores of rupees.

Kejriwal asserts that Adani is only a manager of corruption money that Modi has been looting for the past nine years of his rule in the country. And he added that the Adani Group is only a frontal outfit set up to hide Modi’s corruption money.

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A recent investigative report of Hindenburg Research accused Adani of commiting one of the biggest corporate frauds in the world. In the report released in January, Hindenburg said that the Adani Group has engaged in a brazen stock manipulation and accounting fraud scheme over the course of decades. 

However, since the Indian courts and investigating agencies cannot dare to question Modi, the Modi-Adani collusion case has been brushed under the carpet. The Supreme Court of India – which cannot take any decision against Modi – formed in March a perfunctory committee which is expected to exonerate the embattled Adani Group from all the alleged financial frauds reported by credible global agencies and media organizations.

Similarly, investigations into multi-billion dollar (or thousands of crores of rupees) scandals such as the Rafale deal and the PM-CARES Fund in which Modi is allegedly involved were dumped and Modi was not held accountable for his alleged malfeasance. 

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Like BJP is running the campaign against Kejriwal, recently the AAP of Kejriwal also launched a nationwide campaign under the banner “Modi Hatao Desh Bachao” or remove Modi to save the country. But Modi has not been removed.

A few other opposition leaders such as Rahul Gandhi of Congress raised issues of Modi’s corruption. But after BJP’s hostile actions against him – including court cases and his disqualification from parliament – Rahul Gandhi is so terrified that he has stopped talking against Modi or his corruption.

Editor’s Note: It is not possible to survive and thrive in Indian politics if you are not corrupt. You can leapfrog in the dirty political arena if you are a history-sheeter with a solid criminal record which must include grand corruption, dacoity, vandalism, murders, rapes, and robbery. Today, the majority of the successful Indian politicians have such a distinguished criminal record.

While ordinary citizens are suffering under their atrocities, the Indian bureaucrats, court judges, police, and security forces behave as the slaves of the criminal politicians and never try to protect citizens and their rights.

By Rakesh Raman, who is a national award-winning journalist and social activist. He is the founder of the humanitarian organization RMN Foundation which is working in diverse areas to help the disadvantaged and distressed people in the society. He has also launched the “Power Play: Lok Sabha Election 2024 in India” editorial section to cover the news, events, and other developments related to the 2024 election.

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