Rafale Robbery: Arun Jaitley Obliquely Replies to Rahul Gandhi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Photo: Congress
Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Photo: Congress

Jaitley did not accept Congress president’s challenge to convey Modi government’s decision in 24 hours to start a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe in the Rafale case.

By Rakesh Raman

Arun Jaitley – a finance minister in Narendra Modi government – has responded to Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s allegations of corruption in Rafale deal.

However, Jaitley did not accept Congress president’s challenge to convey Modi government’s decision in 24 hours to start a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe in the Rafale case which is stated to be the biggest scam in the world.

“Mr Jaitley, thanks for bringing the nation’s attention back to the great Rafale robbery! How about a Joint Parliamentary Committee to sort it out? Problem is, your Supreme Leader (Modi) is protecting his friend, so this may be inconvenient. Do check and revert in 24 hrs. We’re waiting!” Rahul Gandhi had tweeted Wednesday.

Although today Jaitley randomly replied to Rahul Gandhi’s queries, he could not say if the Modi government is ready to face JPC investigation.

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Rafale Scam

As the Rafale scam is being considered as the biggest fraud by any government in India or abroad, it has become a political hot potato which has the sufficient heat to burn the ruling party BJP headed by PM Modi.

Modi’s opponents Yashwant Sinha and Arun Shourie – who were ministers in the BJP government – and lawyer activist Prashant Bhushan have released a detailed statement along with documents about the shady Rafale deal.

According to them, Modi has caused a loss of over Rs. 35,000 crore (about US$ 5 billion) to public funds to benefit his businessman friend Anil Ambani. “Modi has committed criminal misconduct under Prevention of Corruption Act,” Bhushan said.

A large number of Indians are using social media platforms such as Facebook to offer their comments and share the news about the corruption in the Modi government.

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Earlier, Congress president Rahul Gandhi had brought up the issue of corruption in Rafale deal when he was discussing the no-confidence motion against the Modi government in Parliament.

Attacking the Modi government for its massive corruption, the Congress president had said that Modi who promised to be a Chowkidar (guard of government assets) has become a Bhagidaar (partner in corruption).

He has alleged that PM Modi is personally involved in the deal in which kickbacks worth thousands of crores of rupees have been paid. Rahul Gandhi also had ridiculed Indian Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s remarks that her government will not disclose the details of the Rafale deal, which is stated to be worth Rs 130,000 crore (approximately USD $20 billion).

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