Will Special Counsel Robert Mueller Demand Trump’s Tax Returns?

President Donald Trump. Photo: White House
President Donald Trump. Photo: White House

Although Trump claims that he runs profitable businesses, independent reports suggest that his businesses are under heavy debt.

By Rakesh Raman

As the recently appointed special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating President Trump in the obstruction of justice case, he must also demand Trump’s tax returns to know about his alleged ties with Russia.

Mueller will investigate Trump and his close associates for an attempt to scuttle fired FBI director James Comey’s probe into Trump’s collusion with the enemy nation Russia in order to win the November presidential election.

As part of his investigation, it is believed that Mueller would like to see Trump’s tax returns which can shed more light on his dealings with Russia.

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Despite repeated demands from Democrats as well as Republicans, Trump has refused to release his tax returns. Many believe that Trump’s tax returns can reveal about his shady business deals with Russia and other entities in different parts of the world.

As he has been offering lame excuses about the delay in releasing returns, it is largely believed that he wants to hide something that can put his presidency in jeopardy.

As most Americans want to know about Trump’s businesses and financial status, recently a team of ethics lawyers filed a legal case against Trump, accusing him of accepting illegal payments for his businesses from foreign governments. The case also aimed to seek Trump’s tax returns.

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Although Trump claims that he runs profitable businesses, independent reports suggest that his businesses are under heavy debt.

According to a new report mentioned by The Independent, Trump’s companies are under a debt of nearly $1.8 billion to more than 150 institutions – raising questions about potential conflicts of interests. That’s why Trump is reluctant to reveal his tax information.

As the controversy surrounding the secret tax returns of Trump refuses to die down, thousands of protesters took to the streets in April asking Trump to release his tax information.

The organizers of “Tax March” in nearly 150 U.S. cities held rallies to draw public attention toward Trump’s refusal to provide his tax data publically.

Trump retorted in his tweets to say that these were stage-managed rallies financed by his opponents. He asked why these tax protests are being organized now when the election is over.

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Although Trump had managed to attract voters with his sensational rhetoric, most believe he is not fit to become the President because of his uncivil language and unstable thoughts.

While Trump received majority of the 538 state-by-state electoral votes to win the presidency, his rival Hillary Clinton won 48.2% of the popular vote compared with 46.1% for Trump.

In other words, Clinton collected nearly 3 million more votes than what Trump got in the November election. But the U.S. election system declared Trump as the winner.

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