Yoni Steam to Help Women Prevent Menstrual Cramps

Yoni Steam to Help Women Prevent Menstrual Cramps
Yoni Steam to Help Women Prevent Menstrual Cramps

Sometimes known as vaginal steaming (or v-steaming), yoni steaming is claimed to be a gentle but effective treatment that has been successfully used by women worldwide for centuries to help reduce or eliminate discomfort associated with menstruation.

To do a yoni steam, a woman allows the warmth of herbal-infused steam to permeate the exterior of her vagina, or “yoni” as the female system is called in Sanskrit language.

Similar to the way herbal steam clears nasal congestion, the warmth and moisture of the yoni steam increase circulation and thin mucus, while the medicinal properties of the herbs are absorbed through the porous external tissue and transported via the blood stream, safely and effectively cleansing, toning and revitalizing the female reproductive system.

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Nearly 85% of women in the United States suffer from menstrual cramps, yet the unwelcome sensation is actually preventable.

In fact, an increasing number of women are discovering how to reduce the monthly woes of menstrual pain, bloating and nausea with this simple herbal remedy for women’s wellness called the yoni steam. For many women, the benefit of this treatment is a more comfortable, pleasant menstrual cycle.

With the aim to ensure that yoni steaming is an affordable and convenient practice for any woman to incorporate into her weekly routine at home, Vibrant Souls offers an effective blend of organic and fair trade yoni steaming herbs called the Devi Steam, in addition to a handmade yoni steam seat.

A Colorado-based company, Vibrant Souls seeks to bring ancient wisdom for women’s wellness to the modern world by educating women on how to yoni steam, and by providing tips on how to prevent and treat menstrual cramps naturally.

A free PDF “How To” Yoni Steam Ritual Guide + Guide to Reducing Menstrual Cramps is now available on the Vibrant Souls website for women who seek to learn more about how to utilize yoni steaming to overcome menstrual discomfort.

Photo courtesy: Vibrant Souls

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