Congress Befools the People of Punjab with 9-Point Program

Amarinder Singh's 9-point program for Punjab
Amarinder Singh’s 9-point program for Punjab

If Amarinder Singh’s 9-point program is implemented, it will further break the economic backbone of Punjab.

By Rakesh Raman

Congress released Sunday its 9-point program to woo the voters in Punjab for the upcoming state election.

Called “Captain De 9 Nukte” or the 9 points of Captain Amarinder Singh – a Congress leader in Punjab – the package is full of promises to provide numerous doles to the people if Congress formed the government in Punjab.

The program promises to make Punjab drugs-free in just 4 weeks, a job for every household, a smartphone for every young person, waiving of farmers’ loans, meal for Rs. 5, houses for the poor, cheaper electricity rates for businesses, and so on.

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All this is a political humbug aimed to hoodwink the innocent people of Punjab. While making all these promises Amarinder Singh did not mention how he will generate the income for the state to offer all these benefits to the people.

Just a few days ago, his party member Navjot Singh Sidhu had said that at present, Punjab is reeling under a huge debt of Rs. 3 lakh crore (approximately US$ 40 billion). If Amarinder Singh’s 9-point program is implemented, it will further break the economic backbone of Punjab.

His 9-point program is in fact a populist measure to attract the voters before the election and forget them after the election, as all political parties do in India. This is nothing but cheating.

If Congress thinks that it will impose more taxes to generate money for the government schemes, it will have disastrous consequences because such a step will kill the very spirit of hard-work and entrepreneurship in the state.

And more money by way of taxes in the hands of bureaucrats and politicians would mean more government corruption, which has already crossed all limits in Punjab.

So, the benefits promised by Congress will never reach the poor or the target groups of people who will keep suffering and soon start waiting for the next election with the hope that good days will come for them. But they will not come, as they have not come during the past 70 years of independent India, which continues to be a underdeveloped country.

The election for the 117-member Punjab Legislative Assembly will be held on February 4, 2017.

By Rakesh Raman, who is a government award-winning journalist and social scientist. You also can visit the REAL VOTER – Politics in India Information Center that he manages.

Photo courtesy: Congress

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