Farmers Going to CityVille after FarmVille

After its integration with Zynga’s FarmVille, Farmers Insurance is working again with the social games company on a multi-game integration with CityVille, Cafe World and Mafia Wars that will take place over the next four months. It was announced Monday, June 13.

Last fall, Farmers launched an in-game promotion with FarmVille, offering players “wither protection” by placing the Farmers Airship on their farm. (Read: Farmers Airship on FarmVille Facebook Game)

A promotion offering visitors to Farmers’ Facebook page a chance to enter for a ride on the Farmers Airship for “liking” Farmers accompanied the partnership.

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“Millions of Farmers Airships were placed on FarmVille farms,” said Marc Zeitlin, VP of e-Business for Farmers Insurance. “FarmVille players were exposed to the Farmers brand billions of times, raising our Facebook fan base by more than 100,000 in the first week of the promotion. It was one of the most successful things we’ve done from a branding perspective.”

As a follow-up to the initial integration, over the next four months, players in FarmVille, Mafia Wars, Cafe World and CityVille will have the chance to interact with the Farmers brand in new ways and have opportunities along the way to win prizes.

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Initially Farmers will reprise its first FarmVille integration, “Win a Ride on the Farmers Airship” promotion. Between June 1 and 30, visitors to Farmers’ Facebook page will have a chance to enter for a ride on the Farmers Airship by indicating they “like” Farmers.

To enter, log onto

After the FarmVille promotion takes root, Farmers will announce details of its promotions on CityVille, Mafia Wars and Cafe World. Thousands of Farmers insurance agents nationwide (U.S.) will run a tie-in promotion on their agent Facebook pages.

Photo courtesy: Farmers Insurance Group

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