Criminality of Candidates Helped AAP Win Delhi Election

Arvind Kejriwal addresses the crowd after winning the Delhi election on February 11, 2020. Photo: AAP
Arvind Kejriwal addresses the crowd after winning the Delhi election on February 11, 2020. Photo: AAP

The Delhi election result has shown that the winning probability in the election is directly proportional to the criminality of the candidates. If a party has more candidates with criminal records, it has more chances of winning the election.

By Rakesh Raman

In any Indian election, voters have to choose between a thief and a dacoit as most politicians are crooks. The same was true in the Delhi Assembly election for which the results were declared today.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) of chief minister Arvind Kejriwal had the maximum number of candidates with criminal records. Yet, the AAP won 62 of the 70 Assembly seats to retain power in the city-state while BJP got 8 seats and Congress which is a dead party failed to open its account.

Election research organizations Delhi Election Watch and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) revealed that AAP had the highest number of 36 nominees with serious charges against them.

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The ADR report reveals that out of 672 candidates analyzed for Delhi election, 133 (20%) candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves as compared to 114 (17%) in 2015. Thirty-two candidates have declared cases related to crime against women including rape. Four candidates have declared cases related to attempt to murder and 20 candidates have declared convicted cases.

The report adds that among the major parties, 42 (60%) out of 70 candidates analyzed from AAP, 26 (39%) out of 67 candidates analyzed from BJP, and 18 (27%) out of 66 candidates analyzed from Congress have criminal cases.

In terms of declared serious criminal cases, according to the ADR report, the AAP topped the list with 36 of the 70 candidates having serious criminal cases filed against them.

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The Delhi election result has shown that the winning probability in the election is directly proportional to the criminality of the candidates. If a party has more candidates with criminal records, it has more chances of winning the election. It is not possible to win on performance because most governments – like AAP – tell lies about their work and loot the public.

Picture this: During the past 5 years of its rule, Kejriwal’s AAP has made Delhi a veritable hell where it is difficult for people to live. Today, Delhi is suffering with extreme pollution, rampant corruption, and widespread lawlessness throughout the city.

But just a couple of months before the election, Kejriwal spent crores of rupees on advertisements and apparently bribed the corrupt media outlets to appear in fake publicity interviews to hoodwink the gullible voters.

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As the so-called journalists did not ask Kejriwal questions about his misrule and criminality, these media interactions were surreptitiously purchased by Kejriwal. In journalistic parlance, these are called advertorials (portmanteau for advertisement and editorial) which are supposed to be disclosed transparently. But the dishonest media companies did not disclose this fact, and Kejriwal cheated the voters.

As an election strategy, Kejriwal squanders huge public money by giving free electricity, water, bus travel to Delhi residents. Instead of empowering people with proper education, he is creating a dependent society which can never help a country progress because most people will live only on government dole instead of earning their livelihood gracefully. By giving freebies, Kejriwal’s AAP treats people like beggars.

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Despite his claims, Kejriwal could not do anything to improve the education standards – particularly in Delhi schools – which are going from bad to worse. Kejriwal and his colleagues repeatedly tell lies about their performance in Delhi schools, while the education quality in Delhi schools is so bad that it cannot equip any student to compete in the contemporary job market.

Kejriwal government also tells lies about the community health care centers. While Kejriwal is going gaga over the hyped performance of his Mohalla Clinics, people in Delhi complain about the uselessness of such a flawed health care concept.

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Like most politicians in India, Kejriwal’s group was also involved in a number of criminal activities. For example, Delhi chief secretary Aanshu Prakash had filed a police complaint alleging that a couple of AAP MLAs had beaten him at the behest of Kejriwal. He was particularly apprehensive because politicians in Kejriwal’s AAP are mostly uneducated goons.

While there are multiple complaints of corruption against AAP legislators, last year the party decided to defy the notice from Delhi’s anti-corruption body Lokayukta which had asked AAP MLAs to reveal the details of their assets.

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Earlier, the Shunglu Committee set up by the government found a number of irregularities – including illegal appointments, abuse of power, and nepotism – in the functioning of Kejriwal’s AAP government. But with his abusive rhetoric against such findings, Kejriwal succeeded in getting these cases hushed up.

Now, again Kejriwal is ready to head the Delhi government as chief minister. As it is going to be another 5-year-long nightmare for the people of Delhi, they should learn how to live in a hell.

By Rakesh Raman, who is a national award-winning journalist and social activist. He is the founder of a humanitarian organization RMN Foundation which is working in diverse areas to help the disadvantaged and distressed people in the society. He also creates and publishes a number of digital publications and research reports on different subjects.

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