Delhi Housing Societies Case: Reactions from Residents

Delhi Housing Societies. Photo: Rakesh Raman
Delhi Housing Societies. Photo: Rakesh Raman

Delhi Housing Societies Case: Reactions from Residents

Here is the unedited text from the e-mail that I received on Oct. 31:
To Arul Gaur
CC Mohammad Akram and 89 more… Oct 31 at 2:56 PM

Dear Respected Members & Residents,

Greetings for the day..!!!

Kindly ignore the website link given in the trail mail suddenly one of the member got out of slumber after 16+_years got the website developed by some Web Designer vendor in the 03rd week of October 2016 after the AGM which took place on 16th October-16

The member who has the copyright of the web site suddenly realized that he is the descendant of late shri Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi ji and starred preaching the ideology & started talking about the corruption like most of the leaders of the leading political parties. who never contributed for the welfare of the country they are well known and popularly know for absurd comments.

This member is also following their foot step. All what he has posted on his website jut to create hallucination among the progressive members / residents of the society. I have a very simple question to him if their is irregularity / corruption in the this society, why he opted to became the member of the DPS CGHS ” Ltd. what was his vested interest in becoming the member of the DPS CGHS Ltd. society.

What this authority he has to challenge the “RCS”& UDM & DDA. Why he was quite when this society was being constructed & sub standard construction material was used, due to which today we reached to a stage where safety of the resident is in question.

This clearly shows clearly shows that he party to the mess up created by the MC who was working since the inception of this society. All documents duly signed by the earlier MC. were reveled by resigned MC members are sufficient enough to book all of them under the corruption which include him also.

He and his followers are in fear of legal action and started spreading ambiguity amoung the responsible residents / members. All his action are are out of fear and it seems that he is being used by the corrupted previous MC just to safe guard tthem selves and pushed him forward to take all other members / residents for Ransomer.

The immediate legal action action required against such kind of distorted members. He has no right to intimidate any member of new MC and earlier MC.

Thanks & Regards,
Ravinder Sharma
ITC Hotels
Mobile: + 919650841155 / / / /

While I have written and published the article on my news site, here’s the “website link” mentioned in Ravinder Sharma’s e-mail:

Note: As Ravinder Sharma’s obnoxious e-mail reproduced above was sent from the official e-mail account of ITC Hotels, I have written to ITC Hotels to get the company’s response. You can click here to read my communication.

Other residents can also participate in this discussion. I respect and welcome your views.

Thank you

Rakesh Raman

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