Mass Dumping of Covid Dead Bodies Begins in India

Dead bodies wrapped in a plastic cover were tossed into a pit for burial. Screengrab
Dead bodies wrapped in a plastic cover were tossed into a pit for burial. Screengrab

By RMN News Service

As the government healthcare system has collapsed and Covid deaths are increasing in India, there is an acute shortage of resources to bury / cremate the dead bodies.

A disturbing video of Tuesday shows that at least eight infected bodies wrapped in a plastic cover were tossed into a pit for burial in the Ballari district of Karnataka.

Meanwhile, an opposition party in Karnataka, the Janata Dal Secular, denounced the ruling BJP government for throwing the bodies in an unruly manner, although the local authorities said they will investigate into the incident.

“BEWARE! By chance, if you or your family members die because of Covid-19, this is how the BJP Govt in Karnataka throws away your body with many others into a single pit!” Janata Dal Secular tweeted.

Earlier, there were reports that for lack of burial / cremation locations in Delhi, people were waiting for 4 – 5 days in a queue to get their relatives’ Covid-infected bodies disposed of.

Since the governments in despotic regimes are not taking any steps to stop the spread of coronavirus, people are dying in large numbers, putting enormous stress on burial systems.

For example, dead bodies pile up in the city of Manaus, northern Brazil while Brazil is the second most infected country after the U.S. According to reports, the local health system in Brazil has collapsed and gravediggers are burying the dead in mass graves known as “trenches.” Reuters said in its report: “Soon, the city may run out of coffins.”

A similar situation is expected to emerge in India where health experts predict a peak during the July-September period when millions of people will get infected and at least hundreds of thousands are expected to die.

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