Narendra Modi Is Afraid of United Opposition: Congress

Opposition Parties in India Meeting the President on December 16, 2016 (file photo)
Opposition Parties in India Meeting the President on December 16, 2016 (file photo)

Congress party believes that the Karnataka Assembly election result that went in favour of Congress-JD(S) alliance has sent a clear message among the electorate that PM Narendra Modi is scared of a united Opposition which will challenge him in the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

According to Congress, Modi’s BJP had designed an extremely vicious campaign in Karnataka which centered on lies, character assassination, falsification of history, and divisiveness.

The Congress, on the other hand, crafted a campaign that highlighted its achievements in the last five years, with a special focus on the people-friendly schemes of the government that aid the weakest sections of the society.

Congress added that the BJP or PM Modi did not answer any of the questions raised by Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Mud-slinging and baseless allegations served as a replacement for a meaningful campaign for the BJP, Congress said today.

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While the entire Union Cabinet and BJP’s Chief Ministers from other states descended upon Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi fought a David vs Goliath battle along with the state Congress team. And the results are for everyone to see, Congress said.

“No matter how much BJP President Amit Shah tried to deflect and distract, the resounding mandate was for the Congress-JD(S) combine to form a government,” Congress said.

An important takeaway from the election is that the if the Opposition unites, and sets aside their own differences for the larger good, it won’t be long before Modi and the BJP are shown the door.

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Congress suggests that BJP’s arrogance needs to be given a firm answer, and only a united Opposition can give the BJP a fight. It adds that anti-BJP voices should realize this, and coalesce around the Congress party, as no anti-BJP opposition can be complete without the Congress.

It is this very united Opposition that Modi is scared of, and therefore, according to Congress, the North Korean channels have started the chorus of Modi Sarkar vs Khichdi Sarkar.

What they are calling Khichdi Sarkar, is a template that has already been tried and tested in the UPA 1 and the UPA 2, Congress says. It takes a lot to bring different parties under the same umbrella and to achieve a common minimum program agreeable to all. It takes political maturity and understanding to take everyone along. That is certainly an alien concept for the BJP, Congress said.

Photo courtesy: Congress

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