Robojit Calling Hollywood

Suitable for a Hollywood movie, a big-budget digital video game, TV series, or a comic book, the highlight of the epic thriller “Robojit and the Sand Planet” is its ability to effectively blend technology, spiritualism, and humanism with a captivating fantasy in the backdrop. Interested investors, producers can evaluate the project.

Title: Robojit and the Sand Planet

Author: Rakesh Raman

Type: Technology fiction in running story/book format – spread over multiple chapters

Genre: Adventure, thriller with the possibility of making sequel(s)

Introduction: With a setting in the future, the story runs in three parts: affairs of a kingdom that’s presented as an imaginary planet, its conflicts with wicked forces, and a final mission that takes some of the characters to another remote planet. It has a central character (Robojit) also – who helps the lead couple achieve the mission while overcoming numerous challenges during the voyage.

Target Readers: Children, young adults across the world

Highlight: The highlight of the story is its ability to effectively blend technology, spiritualism, and humanism with a captivating fantasy in the backdrop. The story is highly entertaining, as it’s full of thrill, adventure, excitement, and timely use of humor.

Language: English, but can be translated into other languages

Status: Complete story with characterization is ready.

Approximate Number of Words: 38,000

Features of the Story:

  • Revolves around the central character, ROBOJIT – a humanoid – that will become extremely popular among consumers and then will be leveraged for merchandising
  • Has a very hilarious lingo used by the main villains
  • Covers surface, air, water, forests, temples, etc. besides a unique planet with unique type of inhabitants
  • Fight sequences use different types of weapons
  • Has strange, imaginative creatures
  • Innovative naming for characters

All parts of the storyline have totally original sequences to keep the readers glued to the entertainment product – movie, video game, comic book, etc.

Additional Information:

Currently, the story is running on Twitter:
Even Reuters has written about this work, comparing me with the top Twitter novelists in the world. Reuters report link:

Interested film producers, video gaming companies and investment companies can contact me:

Rakesh Raman
New Delhi, India

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5 thoughts on “Robojit Calling Hollywood

  • January 7, 2011 at 11:29 AM

    You’re right, Christiane. I need to take some immediate steps to bring ROBOJIT out from the story to the real world where people could interact with him and he could interact with them. As I said, it’ll take me about a month or so to take the next step in this journey. The work is already ON. Will let you know about the plan. Thanks again.

  • January 7, 2011 at 11:15 AM

    OK Rakesh,

    So first Robojit must be visible, people must be talking about him, dream about him, at least they must know that he exists. What are you Rakesh-Robojit (oh oh same first letter) going to do? Put yourself in his skin. What’s his mood? What does he look like? How about being Robojit and embodying his features and skills and mood?
    I can do nothing on my side if nothing has started from your side first. What do you think?

    See you soon,


  • January 6, 2011 at 6:59 AM

    Thanks Christiane for your continuous support – first to me, and now to ROBOJIT. During these days, Robojit is preparing to take his next step towards his mission to enter Hollywood. That is expected to be visible in a month or so. Please extend whatever help possible from your side to enable me and Robojit to achieve our objective. Regards.

  • January 6, 2011 at 6:03 AM

    Woo hoo Rakesh,

    Go for it! It’s a brilliant idea. What if you were Robojit? What would you do to attract allies in your mission to create this Hollywood movie or big budget digital video game?

    Warmest Digital Hugs,


  • July 9, 2010 at 5:28 AM

    How did you make this template? I got a blog as well and my template looks kinda bad so people don’t stay on my blog very long :/.

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