Aam Aadmi Party or Too Many Crooks?

In all his harangues to woo the gullible voters of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal always maintained that he will never have any political tie-up with Congress and BJP because both the parties are equally corrupt. But see what he has done.

By Rakesh Raman

Rakesh Raman
Rakesh Raman

In India, politicians from all political parties belong to three breeds: Bad, Worse, and Worst. Among their common traits are cheating, dishonesty, falsehood, shamelessness, communalism, corruption, promiscuity, and a random mixture of all of them.

Let me try to describe these three breeds for your information and general knowledge. You can visualize the examples of politicians as per your own familiarity with them and fix them in the following categories.

Bad Politicians: They understand the difference between right and wrong but have decided to support the wrong. They themselves may not be that cruel, but for their selfish interests they support political cruelty.

Worse Politicians: They are like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They would pretend to be the most honest creatures in the world but leave no stone unturned to harm others. You can also call them backstabbers.

Worst Politicians: This is the most dangerous breed. Politicians in this category are hybrids of a man and a beast. They believe in doing all immoral and harmful acts overtly without any attempt to conceal them. It’s believed that wickedness runs in their blood and they are, in fact, devils in the shape of humans.

In all probability, Arvind Kejriwal along with his newly formed political caucus in Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) belongs to the third – and the most dangerous – category.

Why and how? Picture this:

With his ostentations such as the white cap, Kejriwal looks like a cunning politician – a type usually shown in Bollywood movies. Although that is beside the point, it simply shows his theatrical antics to attract others. Now, we must focus on the main factors that put Kejriwal and his party in the ‘worst’ category.

In all his harangues to woo the gullible voters of Delhi, Kejriwal always maintained that he will never have any political tie-up with Congress and BJP because both the parties are equally corrupt.

To further entice the poor voters, Kejriwal did not hesitate to even swear by his children publicly saying that he will never join hands with corrupt Congress and BJP in case his party did not get absolute majority to form the government in Delhi.

But Kejriwal forgot all those pledges and promises when he saw the seat of power in front of him. He took support of “corrupt” Congress party to form AAP government in Delhi and become the Chief Minister (CM) today, Dec. 28. He is being joined by many of his equally greedy partners to become ministers in the new government.

Kejriwal also said categorically that he does not want to be the CM because he does not have any stature for this position (meri aukaat he kya hai – he said it in Hindi in a TV interview) when asked if he wants to be the CM.

But when he saw the opportunity to become the CM, Kejriwal forgot all his “truthful” utterances and embraced the CM’s chair. In doing so, he even disregarded the Indian values taught through scriptures like Ramayana that preached ‘pran jaye par vachan na jaye‘ – which means you should sacrifice your life to keep your promise.

He keeps saying truth is with him (sachai mere saath hai – in Hindi), but he has been spewing blatant lies at every step. Despite his assurances, you can now see, he has joined hands with Congress and also become the CM. Pooh! Can you trust such a liar?

And this is not the first time Kejriwal stooped down to fulfill his selfish desires. In 2011, he ditched his own mentor social activist Anna Hazare to join politics, though he had promised that he will never join politics and continue to support Hazare in his anti-corruption civil society movement under “India Against Corruption” banner.

Why? Kejriwal knows that politics is the most lucrative business in India today. And he has been quietly chasing his dreams of attaining political power by hook or by crook. And in doing so, Kejriwal even hijacked Hazare’s anti-corruption agenda and used it for his political gains.

Leaving Hazare in the lurch, Kejriwal formed AAP with the main promise to fight state corruption, an agenda that Hazare was pursuing in 2011 with support from Kejriwal and a few others.

That’s not the end of it. Kejriwal does not want to stop his lies and crookedness here. His AAP has given a list of 18 promises including imprisonment for the corrupt leaders of Congress and BJP immediately after forming the government.

But it has already started diluting the spirit of those promises by creating ambiguity around them. Now AAP is saying it will appoint committees, investigation agencies, and whatnot to find out ways to implement its promises. This will give it more time to stay in power. But nothing concrete or useful will come out for the people at large with these dilly-dallying tricks.

When AAP first introduced the idea of clean and innovative politics, the party had certainly impressed many who were fed up with the dirty politics in India.

But by joining hands with Congress and playing cheap tricks, AAP has shown that it’s also an equally corrupt party. At the end of the day, all of them are chips of the same dirty block.

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of RMN Company.

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