Are BJP Rulers Killing Education System of India?

A desolate school building in New Delhi, India. Photo: Rakesh Raman
A desolate school building in New Delhi, India. Photo: Rakesh Raman

स्कूल की बिल्डिंग स्कूल नहीं है। स्कूल का अर्थ तो स्कूल की पढ़ाई है, जो किसी स्कूल में नहीं हो रही।

~ Rakesh Raman

No sooner did the government release the Draft National Education Policy, 2016 than the Congress unleashed a series of attacks on the Narendra Modi’s BJP government.

A Congress leader Manish Tewari said that the NDA-BJP government has systematically attempted to subvert and dismantle the public education system of this country.

He said the greatest indicator of this is in the budgetary allocations. The Congress-led UPA government increased the budget of HRD Ministry from Rs. 11,000 crore to Rs 82,000 crore. The moment the Modi government came to office, it rolled it back to Rs 69,000 crore, Tewari blamed.

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Last year, according to Congress, the BJP government marginally increased the budgetary allocation to Rs 72,394 crore. “This evidences the priority which education is for the NDA-BJP government,” Tewari said.

The opposition party Congress did not even spare the new HRD / Education minister Prakash Javadekar, saying that as environment minister he had done enough damage to the country’s environment, and he should not do the same to the education system.

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जावेडकर जी पर्यावरण मंत्री रहते तो आपने जंगलों को नष्ट करने की अंधाधुंध इजाजत दी, कृपया अब शिक्षा मंत्री बनने पर देश के शिक्षा तन्त्र को जंगलों की तरह मत खत्म करिएकृपया अब देश के शिक्षा तन्त्र को बख्श देना।

Congress also says that the UGC had its budget reduced by 55%. Such a huge slash is absolutely unprecedented. What is scarier is the frontal assault by HRD Ministry on the autonomy of public universities. “The UGC has now even taken away from public universities the right to frame their own syllabi,” Tewari said.

Further, Congress said that the future of our education and all knowledge creation is being surrendered to the RSS and its many affiliates. The latest ‘surrender’ was in Chhattisgarh, where the RSS convened a meeting of Vice Chancellors to review the prevailing education system in the undergraduate and post-graduate level in the state, says Congress.

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