Facing Defeat, Opposition Parties Blame EVMs, Says Modi

EVM Frauds in India
EVM Frauds in India

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi said in an election rally today that the opposition parties have started blaming electronic voting machines (EVMs) because they are anticipating defeat in the ongoing Lok Sabha election.

Modi said that EVMs are being cursed because his opponents have realized that people of India love Modi and it will not be possible to defeat him and his party BJP. So, he said, they have started finding faults with EVMs.

[ EVM Frauds Reported to Help BJP in Lok Sabha Election of India ]

अपनी पराजय का ठीकरा EVM पर फोड़ने की शुरुआत इन्होंने पहले से ही कर दी है।देश की जनता जब अपने इस चौकीदार को इतना प्रेम दे रही है, तो बेचारी उस EVM मशीन को भी गाली खानी पड़ रही है,” Modi stated in his loose rhetoric which always lacks intellectual content.

As it was expected, there are increasing number of reports that the EVMs are not working properly in the Lok Sabha election. Reports also suggest that the faulty EVMs are again voting for Modi’s BJP.

Major opposition political parties in India have been repeatedly complaining about the vulnerability of EVMs. It is also being observed that when EVMs malfunction, they vote only in favor of PM Modi’s BJP which runs with Lotus election symbol.

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