Godi Media vs. Virodhi Media 2023 Research Report Released

Godi Media vs. Virodhi Media 2023 Research Report by Rakesh Raman of RMN News Service, RMN Foundation
Godi Media vs. Virodhi Media 2023 Research Report by Rakesh Raman of RMN News Service, RMN Foundation

Godi Media vs. Virodhi Media 2023 Research Report Released

गोदी मीडिया बनाम विरोधी मीडिया 2023 रिसर्च रिपोर्ट जारी

Evolution of Revengeful Media Channels in India
Research Report on Biased and Belligerent Indian Media

An Editorial Initiative of Raman Media Network (RMN)
Author and Researcher: Rakesh Raman

Highlights of the Godi Media vs. Virodhi Media Report on India

After Godi media (or lapdog media), Virodhi media (or opponent media) proliferates in India

Virodhi media exists on YouTube

Hindu-Muslim debates on Godi media are equivalent to Muslim-Hindu debates on Virodhi media

Almost all the Virodhi media channels operate in Hindi language

Virodhi media channels on YouTube make fake performance claims

Virodhi media channels are run by retired or retrenched workers who cannot be called journalists

Fraudulent practices are rampant on Virodhi media YouTube channels

Virodhi media channels mostly support opposition party Congress and its leader Rahul Gandhi

Virodhi media channels run programs to abuse and defame prime minister Narendra Modi

A formal mechanism is required to audit and monitor content on Virodhi media channels

The Virodhi media runs very crude channels that lack content, discipline, and skills, although their number is growing rapidly on YouTube. There are less than 10 visible Virodhi media channels and all of them operate in Hindi language.

They operate with a handful of anchors and respondents who appear in almost all the videos – sometimes as anchors and sometimes as guests or participants.

While the Godi media on regular TV channels runs Hindu-Muslim hate programs, the Virodhi media on YouTube usually makes programs that increase Muslim-Hindu animosity. In other words, both Godi media and Virodhi media spread flagrant hate with their content.

There is a strong possibility that the Virodhi media channels are buying fake YouTube subscribers to conceal their real performance which is not good.

An independent inspection of Virodhi media channels can reveal the truth of their performance related to subscribers, views, comments, and so on.

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