Joblessness in India Increased to 5% Under Narendra Modi Regime

Click the photo to know about crimes and corruption in Delhi schools. Photo of February 2017 by Rakesh Raman
Click the photo to know about crimes and corruption in Delhi schools. Photo of February 2017 by Rakesh Raman

In the absence of the right education and employment for them, the young people of India are like time bombs which will explode to bring disaster for the country. ~ Rakesh Raman

The Congress party has said that during his Election Campaign in 2014, Narendra Modi made grand promises of bringing jobs in India. However, the growth in employment is a dismal 1.1% and the rate of joblessness has increased to 5%.

The Congress further said Monday that the rate of under-employment is a staggering 35%. Under-employment means people don’t have regular work over the year and get paid very low wages.

Modi’s party BJP, according to Congress, managed to create a mere 1.35 lakh jobs in its first year in 2014-15. Till December 2016, the job creation for 2016-17 remained a static 1.35 lakh jobs.

Today, there is a wide mismatch between the education being provided to students in India and the skills requirement in the contemporary job market.

Multiple research reports suggest that degrees and diplomas that students get after completing their education have no value in the job market. Such students fail to get any job and they are joining the herds of unemployed youth in the country.

The employment situation and education systems are equally bad in all parts of the country. It is reflected in the worsening Human Development Index (HDI) of India.

Published by the United Nations Development Programme, HDI indicates the level of skills in a country and lets you know if people in that country are able to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, India falls at No. 130 in the global list of countries ranked on the basis of their HDI.

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That means, despite all the loud claims by the Indian government about the education standards in the country, the education in India is not producing skilled workforce. The so-called educated people in India are not employable in any modern field. Worse, most of them are not even trainable.

The unemployment situation in India has gone so bad in the past three years of Narendra Modi’s government that it is soon expected to trigger a social unrest in the country.

The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, said recently that our young workforce will be an asset if they have jobs. But, if the country is unable to provide jobs, there will be unrest, and frustration, Mukherjee warned.

The President said India with the second largest population in the world will face a major challenge in the coming years. Half of its population will be below 25 years of age.

The President said to get jobs, paper qualifications alone will not suffice. Skills are essential. Our universities and colleges produce a large number of graduates every year but most of them are unemployable.

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Our youth need jobs. On the other hand, he said, our industry has problems finding adequate skilled manpower. The President said economic growth in the advanced countries of the world, most of whom have ageing populations is low.

Emerging economies like India and China are however witnessing rapid economic growth. We must therefore seize this opportunity by encouraging skill development in every way possible.

Mukherjee said skill development will help create jobs, strengthen the resilience of the Indian economy, help increase the contribution of the services sector to the GDP, and expand the flow of remittances into India from our workers overseas.

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