Narendra Modi Is Having a Ball at Your Expense

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

By Rakesh Raman

What good fortune for governments that the people do not think.” – Adolf Hitler

Rakesh Raman
Rakesh Raman

This saying goes well for India’s jet-setting Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is getting excessively berserk these days with his foreign trips. And Indian people, who cannot and do not think as Hitler remarked, are allowing Modi to waste the national money for his own pleasure.

After his 20 junkets in the past 13 months, Modi is once again ready to fly. Beginning today, Modi is going on a tour to see the beauty of five Central Asian nations and Russia. Although the government keeps the expenses on Modi’s foreign trips under wraps, it’s believed that his foreign picnics have hit the exchequer by almost 100 million dollars.

This is a huge wastage of money for an underdeveloped country, as a whopping 20% of the world’s 4 billion poor who live on less than US$ 2.50 per day, are in India. While Modi’s foreign excursions are not doing any good for the country, he is splurging the people’s money for his own pleasure.

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Although Modi has kept a Sushma Swaraj as External Affairs (Foreign) Minister, she has been relegated to a mere figurehead role while Modi himself keeps traveling in the name of managing external affairs.

But is he fit for the job? No way. Modi is, in fact, an illiterate man who won the election by exploiting the religious sentiment of Hindu voters (almost 80% of people in India are Hindus).

Modi, who was an accused in the Gujarat riots of 2002 in which nearly 2,000 Muslims were murdered, won the Lok Sabha election on the promise that he will make India a Hindu Rashtra (a nation only for Hindus).

Most Hindu voters bit the bait and voted for Modi as a religious demagogue rather than a wise leader. The dilemma began for Indian people as soon as Modi became the Prime Minister in 2014 because he is not trained to manage any field that requires professional competence.

Worse, Modi is not the only incompetent man in the Indian government. In the current Modi government, the education minister is uneducated, foreign minister is facing corruption charges, finance minister is clueless about finance, and technology minister doesn’t understand the ABCs of technology. Others, if they exist, behave as mere slaves of Modi.

Can such a bunch of duffers do any good to Indian masses who have been living in wretched conditions ever since India got independence in 1947? No. These Modi ministers are, in fact, the biggest enemies of the commoners in India, as they do not possess any skills to run any department of the government. Modi’s own level of awareness is worse than a bumpkin.

You can assess Modi’s incompetence from the failure of projects that he has launched by issuing some random statements without understanding the meaning of those projects. And, in turn, he has wasted huge public money.

For example, “Make in India” about manufacturing in the country is an utter failure. “Clean India” continues to be dirty. “Digital India” could not take off, India’s capital New Delhi is a dirty and polluted city, and Yoga on Yoga Day proved to be a monkey dance for a few fools who believe in Modi’s empty talk.

In today’s cutthroat world, even the governments are supposed to be handled like corporate entities. If a politician is not having demonstratable skills in a particular department, they should never be allowed to come near it. A professionally managed company, for example, will allow only skilled people to lead a department.

In this particular case of Modi’s foreign trips, his level of awareness about foreign affairs is worse than a school-going kid. Then why is he going abroad to discuss India’s foreign policy? Although there is a severe drought of skills in India, I’m sure there will be dozens of qualified people who may not be politicians but can represent India in other countries to improve India’s foreign relations. Why not?

Why should a naïve and novice politician like Modi, who is incapable in all professional fields, be given a free hand to handle everything for which he has never proved his skills? And this is true for all ministerial positions in the Government of India as well as the State Governments.

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It’s all because of these academically challenged and unskilled ministers that India continues to be an underdeveloped country. It’s also a major flaw in the Indian democratic system that first these illiterates are allowed to contest elections and then they are allowed to handle the country’s affairs.

All these good-for-nothing ministers waste public money at will and no one can question them for at least five years of their tenures. There is no accountability for them and they justify their decisions with plain rhetoric. Modi, for example, is wasting huge money on his excursions and other projects that he has announced. But there is no benefit for the country that could be measured empirically.

None of these politicians should be given the keys of the coffers simply because they have won an election – mostly by tricks rather than intellect. Applying this yardstick to Modi, he should never be allowed to spend even a single penny of public money.

He can exist as a Prime Minister without any powers because he is an unskilled man. All the government departments should be managed by qualified people who may or may not be politicians. This is a major reform that Indian democratic system needs. India can hope to progress only when skilled people are at the helm. Don’t you agree?

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of RMN Company

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