New Travel Documentary on Delhi Released

Travel Documentary on Delhi by RMN News Service
Travel Documentary on Delhi by RMN News Service

New Travel Documentary on Delhi Released

The Living Hell: New Documentary on Delhi Disaster

This documentary has been produced to show the extreme disaster in India’s capital New Delhi which is also known as Delhi. Today, Delhi has become a veritable hell for nearly 30 million people who live in the city-state.

In the absence of governance, the people of Delhi are almost buried under rampant corruption, lethal pollution, administrative conflicts, and bureaucratic lethargy.

Delhi is governed by three types of rulers including the Lieutenant Governor, chief minister, and the councillors in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi or the MCD. All of them are treading on each other’s toes and shirking their responsibility towards the citizens.

Vinai Kumar Saxena who was handpicked in May 2022 to work as the Lieutenant Governor has failed to clean up the mess in Delhi. He is very lethargic.

The MCD is one of the most corrupt outfits full of highly incompetent councillors. And the chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal is running one of the most corrupt governments in India.

Today, there is no proper record of the public money that the Delhi Government collects and spends. As an election strategy, Kejriwal squanders huge public money by giving free electricity, water, bus travel, et cetera to Delhi residents. 

Instead of empowering people with proper education, Kejriwal is creating a dependent society which can never help a country progress because most people will live only on government dole instead of earning their livelihoods gracefully. By giving freebies, Kejriwal treats people like beggars.

Despite his claims, Kejriwal could not do anything to improve the education standards – particularly in Delhi schools – which are going from bad to worse.

Kejriwal and his colleagues in the Aam Aadmi Party or AAP tell blatant lies about their performance in Delhi schools. But the education quality in these schools is so bad that it cannot equip any student to compete in the contemporary job market.

While Delhi continues to be the most polluted national capital on planet earth, a staggering number of deaths are taking place due to pollution in the city.

The lethal pollution in Delhi is usually compared to the poisonous gas chambers used by Nazi Germany during the Holocaust for the genocide of millions of European Jews.

The Kejriwal government also tells lies about the community health care centers called Mohalla Clinics. While Kejriwal praises his Mohalla Clinics, people in Delhi complain about the uselessness of such a flawed health care concept. 

While the city is littered with stinking household waste, it has become a colossal dustbin as swarms of mosquitoes breed in homes making life miserable for Delhi residents. 

Now the people of Delhi are facing a serious mosquito threat as the mosquito density in the city has increased manifold. The Delhi homes are full of mosquitoes and many people may be dying with mosquito bites. 

People cannot sit in their homes without using poisonous mosquito repellents. But the negligent Delhi Government has failed to deal with the mosquito menace in the city. 

Similarly, the stray dogs as well as pet dogs are posing a serious threat to people who walk on pavements or parks. Many people have suffered poisonous dog bites but the Delhi Government has turned a blind eye to this menace.

Meanwhile, a new global report (Ecological Threat Report 2022: Analysing Ecological Threats, Resilience & Peace) has warned of an imminent ecological disaster in Delhi. 

The report says factors such as poor infrastructure, lethal air pollution, weak regulatory framework, and administrative failure are going to make Delhi unsustainable for its population of over 30 million.

Like most politicians in India, Kejriwal and his party leaders have been allegedly involved in a number of corruption cases and other criminal activities. 

Now almost 60 percent of Delhi’s residents are so poor that they cannot pay bribes to the government officials. In recent years, therefore, the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians have systematically created a citywide criminal enterprise across the affluent group housing complexes which have become dangerous centers of crime and corruption.

The cooperative group housing societies, which are supposed to be regulated by the Registrar Cooperative Societies office of Delhi Government, have become hideouts for criminals who masquerade as the management committee members of housing societies.

Kejriwal is splurging huge public money on media advertisements to gain false publicity for himself and his party and also to cover up the criminal cases of his party colleagues.

After getting advertisements from Kejriwal, most corrupt media outlets do not question his wrongdoings. The TV anchors particularly do not interject when AAP leaders divert the issues or tell flagrant lies in TV shows to evade crucial questions.

Along with AAP, two other political parties named BJP and Congress operate in Delhi. However, there is no competent leader in any of these parties who could save the people of Delhi from corruption, pollution, filth, and bureaucratic apathy. 

As lawlessness is rampant in India, there is hardly any mechanism to punish the corrupt and careless bureaucrats and politicians.

Consequently, the commoners are suffering and they have no other option but to live in the evil realm that Delhi has become. The travelers from other Indian states or foreign countries should always avoid coming to dirty Delhi. This is honest advice.

This documentary has been scripted and produced by Rakesh Raman who is a national award-winning journalist. He is also the founder of the humanitarian organization RMN Foundation, which is working in diverse areas to help the disadvantaged and distressed people in the society.  

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