How to Save School Students of India from Directionless Education

How to Save School Students of India from Directionless Education
How to Save School Students of India from Directionless Education

How to Save School Students of India from Directionless Education

Campaign to Save School Students of India from Directionless Education
By Rakesh Raman

स्कूल और कॉलेज की पढ़ाई है बेकार
इसीलिए तो पढ़े-लिखे भी हैं बेरोज़गार

Education in India
Careers in India

Excerpts from the report:


At present, the education in schools is so meaningless that it is not required at all in any job market. After wasting at least 12 years in schools, the students are totally confused and not equipped for higher education needed for employment. 

The drudgery of education also causes mental retardation and a feeling of inferiority complex among the students. Since a lot of verbal garbage is stuffed into the burdensome syllabuses, the education also challenges the biological limits of students who are forced to blindly cram instead of understanding the relevant subjects.

About 99% of students do not need to learn the prevailing subjects such as math, science, social science, and the obsolete computer applications. The others who want to take up professions related to these subjects are also not required to learn them like this because today’s professions are driven by advanced computer applications and systems driven by artificial intelligence which generate this knowledge for the professionals working in these fields. 

For example, no student is required to learn polynomials, triangles, and circles. Similarly, they can ignore the study of metals, rivers, geography, and the Russian revolution. If they need any of this knowledge in their jobs, they can get it instantly with a single click of mouse on their computers.

As the students, parents, teachers, and policy makers are not willing to change the useless subjects, students are suffering as they are not getting jobs. The employers do not need job seekers who have studied any of these irrelevant topics in their schools or colleges. Rather, they need workers who are fully skilled in modern areas of studies and who are trained to handle any work during their employment even if they have not learnt it during their years in schools and colleges.

Given below are some of the examples of the redundant subjects that are being taught in schools. Although the curriculum in all classes is totally useless, the following examples taken from NCERT website mainly cover classes 9-12 of schools. The teachers are blindly teaching these redundant subjects and students are blindly studying these redundant subjects without realizing that these subjects cannot make them employable.

You can click here to read the full report and click here to watch a related video on RMN YouTube Channel. The report is also given below.


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