Police to Investigate DPS Housing Society Dwarka Case

DPS Cooperative Group Housing Society in Dwarka, New Delhi
DPS Cooperative Group Housing Society in Dwarka, New Delhi

Police to Investigate DPS Housing Society Dwarka Case

April 7, 2017

This is in response to a false police complaint filed against me by the Managing Committee (MC) of the DPS Cooperative Group Housing Society, Dwarka, Sector 4, New Delhi and some of the MC supporters (click here to see the list of MC supporters) in the Society.

As I believe that the MC and its supporters have committed a cognizable offence, I had requested the Commissioner of Police, Delhi to thoroughly investigate the case.

The Police Commissioner has responded positively to my request and has informed me that this case will now be handled by the Joint Commissioner of Police, Southern Western Range and the DCP Vigilance.

Now I have requested them to hold a thorough inquiry to find out the reasons behind the false police complaint against me and to investigate the cases of financial irregularities, environmental damage, intimidation, and lawlessness at the DPS Housing Society.

My letter to the police is given below:


Joint Commissioner of Police
Southern Western Range

Copy to: DCP Vigilance

March 30, 2016

Subject: Environment Protection and Investigation of Corruption / Lawlessness at DPS Cooperative Group Housing Society, Sector 4, Dwarka, New Delhi 110 078

Reference: Dy. No. is 5224/E-mail dated 23/03/2017

Dear Joint Commissioner of Police and DCP Vigilance,

This has reference to my email dated March 23, 2017 to Mr. Amulya Patnaik, Commissioner of Police, Delhi regarding the environment protection campaign that I am running in Dwarka and the threats that I have been receiving from the Managing Committee (MC) members of the DPS Co-operative Group Housing Society, Sector 4, Dwarka, New Delhi, where I live. The Office of the Commissioner of Police has informed me that your office will handle this case.

Besides repeated threats to me, the MC members of the DPS Housing Society also lodged a fabricated police complaint dated March 16, 2017 against me in Dwarka with a view to intimidate me so that I should not oppose their lethal extended construction project which is extremely harmful to men, women, and children living in the Society because of the dust and noise pollution and chances of accidents.

Here it is pertinent to state that additional construction in occupied group housing societies is an illegal activity because it violates the fundamental rights guaranteed to the citizens in the Constitution of India.

The Article 21 of Indian Constitution assures the citizens of India the right to a healthy, pollution-free environment. If the construction is carried out in the group housing complexes where people – men, women, and children – are already living, it will deprive them of their right to live in a clean environment.

Moreover, no activity can be legal if it poses a risk to even one person’s life. The truth is that the extended construction-related pollution will put to risk the lives of hundreds of people living in a locality. Thus, extended construction is an illegal activity.

Even if one person in a particular housing complex opposes construction, he / she wants their fundamental right to pollution-free environment protected. So, such construction cannot be carried out in that locality.

Also, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) of India has observed that one of the major sources of air pollution is dust emission from construction activities, which must be stopped to avoid pollution-related diseases and deaths.

But instead of following the law, the successive MCs of DPS Housing Society have been threatening me for the past many months so that I should not oppose their financial corruption and construction project.

Besides attacking my social and professional status, their threats to me include filing of police cases and legal cases against me with the help of some of their supporters in the Society and their links with the authorities.

It is important to mention here that the corruption is so rampant in the DPS Housing Society that I had approached the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) of India with details of its corruption. As a result, the Registrar Cooperative Societies (RCS) office had ordered an inquiry in this case under the directions from the CVC. As the inquiry is still pending, it must be reopened.

Now I am writing you this email because the DPS Housing Society MC has circulated an email Wednesday (March 29) among the member residents that it will start the high-value, pollution-laden, and risky extended construction activity ignoring all the complaints against it. The MC is also threatening other residents of the Society who oppose extended construction. So, many people have already succumbed under the MC’s oppression and threats.

The MC members have also deceptively linked the extended construction with expansive building repairs to covertly force the residents to make payments which will run into lakhs of rupees per flat owner. For this, the MC members also have sourced fake engineering reports, etc. without following any statutory financial guidelines. It is a fraud.

And it will be an illegal activity keeping in view the provisions of the Constitution of India, universal human rights, and the Government of India’s policies toward environmental protection.

Even if the majority of the members in a group housing society agree for extended construction, their decision cannot be accepted because it will endanger the health and lives of others.

With these points, I request the Delhi Police for the following:

  1. The Managing Committee of DPS Housing Society must be directed to immediately stop the plan to carry out extended construction as well as massive repairs in the Society building as it will be very risky for men, women, and children because of the resulting dust and noise pollution and chances of accidents.
  2. The DDA and other concerned departments must be asked that they should not clear any extended construction proposal from the DPS Housing Society.
  3. A thorough investigation must immediately be initiated against the past and ongoing corrupt practices and lawlessness at the DPS Housing Society. And the CVC-directed inquiry against the MC members must be reinitiated immediately.
  4. A government administrator must be appointed to run the day-to-day affairs of the DPS Housing Society so that the present MC should not spend any money from the Society funds.
  5. Police must investigate the complaint dated March 16, 2017 that the DPS Housing Society MC has filed against me with the police in Dwarka. As it is a false complaint, the police must take action according to the law against the MC members and others who have supported this complaint.

Moreover, I request you to go through the reports published at the following links to fully understand the case:

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I will be available to explain the case further to the police officials. You may please inform me on my email at what time you want to meet me. I will let you know and then you can come and meet me at my home at the address given below.

I request for an early action.

Rakesh Raman
463, DPS Apts., Plot No. 16
Sector 4, Dwarka, Phase I
New Delhi 110 078, INDIA

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