10 More Reasons I Love My Country India

By Rakesh Raman

Rakesh Raman
Rakesh Raman

Long, long ago, I had explained 10 simple reasons while expressing my love for India. But now I have realized that with each passing day, my love for my country is flourishing.

There are many more reasons for this burgeoning affection that I must share with you.

You can read here the first 10 reasons of my love for India.

And here come 10 more reasons that force me to love my country.

1. Democratic: All of us know that India is world’s top democracy. It allows all its citizens to raise their voice about anything and everything, everywhere. The condition is that only you should be able to hear your voice.

That means, your voice must not be loud enough to disturb the rulers. Your protests must be peaceful and you can never say anything against the government authoritarians. You will be beaten with batons or put behind bars only if rulers get offended. Then they will order even the police to behave like goons against you.

As rulers get offended by even the mildest voice, you need to hold silent protests like dead bodies would do. But you are free to protest. That’s the beauty of our democracy. Tell me, where you would get such a freedom. This is possible only in India. My India.

2. Kind-Hearted: Indian politicians are so kind-hearted that they would go to any extent to help you, if and only if you belong to a lower caste. Then you don’t need to possess any quality or qualification. Then you don’t have to stand in any queue. All the doors are open for you. Every position is reserved for you – in jobs, in colleges, and, of course, in politicians’ hearts.

There is nothing wrong if these kind politicians ask for a few million votes in return to keep their chairs intact. Their benevolence for such privileged members of the society can ruin the lives and careers of millions of normally deserving people. But politicians’ kindness will never stop. That’s my country.

3. Brotherly: India, in fact, is surviving only because of these cultured politicians, though almost all of them are uneducated. They always believe that education is not as important as our culture. Look at their behavior. They can be at daggers drawn with each other while belonging to different political gangs.

But when it comes to saving each other from getting caught for cold-blooded crimes that they commit, they are together – like brothers. When they come to know about others’ crimes, they would make some ostentatious noise to merely draw public attention. But soon they will run into deep hibernation as if nothing had happened.

This is because of their love for their community members however corrupt they may be. That’s why even after committing serious crimes, politicians of all political parties enjoy total immunity. If crime rate is going up exponentially because of their brotherhood, you can’t blame them. They know – a brother in need, is a brother indeed.

4. Respectful: We are taught from our childhood that we must respect our elders and all institutions of import. Going by that tradition, our government asks us to be respectful to our Parliament, which is supposed to be the highest institution of our democratic nation.

All Indians, therefore, show full respect for Parliament like a temple even when its priests are crooks. After all, respect is respect. So, you can’t utter even a single word against these crooks because they have somehow managed to sneak into this temple or the Parliament. To avoid their wrath, you have to be respectful to them.

We will keep showing respect to the temple and its priests. I love this respectful culture in my country.

5. Talent-Loving: From time immemorial, Indians love talent, human talent. This is a separate issue that our human development index is very poor – at a miserable rank of 134 in the world. Let’s not get bogged down by these boring facts. Our yardsticks to measure talent are totally different.

Here a great example is Indian Administrative Service (IAS). You will be surprised to know that just after clearing a clerical exam, you can become an IAS officer and rule the country for your entire life, thinking that it’s your personal property and common people are your slaves.

Once you are an IAS boss, your actual property and cash will suddenly start increasing because the IAS position is a kind of license for you to make money by hook or by crook.

Nobody would dare to challenge you – not even the politicians because they work in perfect harmony with you when it comes to corruption, cheating, and grabbing.

The IAS officers’ bureaucratic inefficiency, which is also a form of corruption, stems from their lack of knowledge. But they sit at the top on government chairs and seldom get punished for their wrongdoings because they are talented.

Thus, this talent has been spreading like viral in my country. But I am not bothered because, as I said, we love talented people who are born to sit atop our heads.

6. Supportive: Unlike IAS officers who come after clearing an ordinary exam, our ministers don’t need to do even that. We always support them to become ministers of even those departments about which they are totally clueless.

At the height of paradox, you can even be uneducated to become an education minister. You need not know how to even sign a letter; just your thumb impression will do. After all, you are a minister.

Today, almost all the Indian ministers are duffers. But we Indians support them and accept them as our lords. People in no other country can be as supportive as we are for even our moron leaders.

This selfless support for others makes India a great nation. And I can proudly say that I belong to this great nation.

7. Youth Assets: With whopping 40% youth in India’s 1.3 billion population, we openly claim that these young people are our assets. It is a different matter that these are non-performing assets.

Almost all the educated youngsters are unemployable, as they lack skills in every professional field. While we treat them as our assets, millions are jobless and loiter in streets.

Some even become criminals out of frustration of joblessness. But young people are the power of India, as our politicians preach. They are so powerful that you can call them to any crowd for protesting powerfully – for sit-ins, for lighting candles, or for shouting slogans.

They are at the forefront of every protest and are available in millions all across the country. They don’t have any other alternative to kill their time. Where else will you get such a collective power? Only in India – my country.

8. Family Values: We believe that ability to perform comes with the blood. You can find their fathers’ sons and their mothers’ daughters in every field – politics, sports, media, movies, you name it. All these professional fields have become family fiefdoms because we love our family members and promote them however incompetent they may be.

If capable persons are not getting a chance to progress because of our family affairs, it’s purely their problem. They should curse their luck and bloodline. In which other country will you find such affection and closeness in families? Nowhere!

9. Trust: Mahatma Gandhi has taught us: Trust begets trust. So, we live in an atmosphere where trust and only trust prevails. When a major crime happens, for example, without even trying to apply our minds to understand the case, we trust media, media trusts police, police trust politicians. And lo!, criminals are caught. Instantly.

Let’s not go into those deep details to know if they are the real criminals or some innocents forced to accept the crime. In such situations, we blindly trust each other.

Finally, our journalists are so quick that before even courts convict a person, they would declare them as offender on their TV shows and stories without even trying to investigate and know the truth behind a case You will not find this kind of efficiency in any other country. All this is because of our utmost trust for each other.

10. Respect for Elders: Age is just a number. I agree. You can be active and intellectually sound at any age in your life. But this case of our respect for the old is different.

You can take an idea of our respectful nature from the fact that we allow even those men to head the nation whose feet are almost dangling in the graveyard and who lack leadership traits.

They are not only old, but they are also outdated. They stagger; they stammer. They are so weak intellectually that they can’t take our country forward. But we respect them.

They may be physically alive, but their brains are already dead. Still, it’s our sheer respect for these senile people that we allow them to lead the entire nation. Sometimes, they also read out speeches written by others to show us direction while they themselves are groping in the dark.

But our respect for them is unconditional. That’s how we Indians think. Great thinking!

After this explanation, you can understand why I love my country so dearly. If there is some God somewhere, I pray to Him (assuming the God is male) that don’t give me more reasons to love my country because I am already buried under the overwhelming love that I have for India.

Will my prayer be heard?

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By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of Raman Media Network.

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