Mamata Banerjee Plans Big Campaign to Dethrone Modi

Mamata Banerjee
Mamata Banerjee

Opposition parties in India are up in arms against the government, as they are demanding a thorough inquiry into the alleged corruption deals of PM Narendra Modi.

By Rakesh Raman

Irked by the anti-people policies of the Indian government, Trinamool Chairperson and Bengal Chief Minister (CM) Mamata Banerjee has intensified her political attack on the Prime Minister (PM) of India Narendra Modi who has failed on almost all the fronts during the past over two years of his rule in the country.

On Thursday, Banerjee criticized Modi’s demonetization scheme and said the man who does not even trust his own countrymen, is not fit to lead the nation.

She announced that her party Trinamool will launch protests across the state from January 1 – 8, 2017 with the slogan ‘Modi hatao, Desh bachao’ or (dethrone Modi, save the country).

Although it’s extremely difficult to remove Modi from the PM position before the next Lok Sabha election in 2019 as Indian political system is totally flawed, Mamata Banerjee believes that mass movements can help dethrone Modi.

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Addressing the media after a meeting of the party’s core committee at Trinamool Bhavan, Mamata Banerjee said the Nadrendra Modi government has lost credibility and had no moral right to remain in office. “A person who started his career with riots, cannot govern the country,” she added.

Banerjee was referring to the Gujarat massacre case in which nearly 2,000 Muslims were murdered in 2002 when Modi was the Chief Minister in Gujarat.

She says she is determined to ring the political death knell for Modi. “I am taking pledge that either I’ll die or live, but will remove PM Modi from Indian politics,” she said.

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Calling demonetization the biggest scam since India’s independence, Mamata Banerjee said it was a matter of concern that people were losing their trust on the banks. India is on the brink of an economic disaster, she added.

Earlier, Banerjee had accused Modi of being blind to the sufferings of common people, saying that he will destroy the nation. Commenting on Modi’s authoritarian way of working, Banerjee said he has become a dictator in India.

“There is no teamwork. He did not consult experts. It is a one-man dictatorship. It is a one-man-made disaster. It is a dangerous tendency,” Mamata Banerjee told reporters earlier this month at Nabanna.

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Meanwhile, opposition parties in India are up in arms against the government, as they are demanding a thorough inquiry into the alleged corruption deals of PM Modi.

A couple of days ago, top Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had leveled corruption charges on Modi when he was the chief minister of Gujarat.

But instead of responding to the specific corruption charges, Modi is making misleading statements about his demonetization decision and accusing opposition parties that are questioning his cruel, authoritarian decisions. But can he be dethroned, now? You decide.

By Rakesh Raman, who is a government award-winning journalist and social scientist. You also can visit the REAL VOTER – Politics in India Information Center that he manages.

Photo courtesy: All India Trinamool Congress

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