People Will Reject AAP and BJP Will Win Delhi Election: Amit Shah

Photo: AAP
Photo: AAP

Today, Delhi is buried under lethal pollution, extreme corruption, lawlessness, economic slowdown, misgovernance, and political deceit.

By Rakesh Raman

The president of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Amit Shah said Thursday that people of Delhi are disenchanted with Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) of Arvind Kejriwal and, therefore, BJP will win Delhi election.

In an interaction with a local TV channel, Shah said that since BJP had won the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections and all the seats at the recently concluded Lok Sabha election, his party’s performance will be very good in Delhi.

Currently, the Delhi unit of PM Narendra Modi’s BJP is campaigning aggressively to win the local electoral battle that is expected to take place in the beginning of 2020.

Led by BJP state president Manoj Tiwari, the campaign highlights the failures of the ruling AAP led by chief minister Kejriwal. BJP urges voters that in the upcoming Delhi Assembly election, they should bring Modi’s party to power because Kejriwal government has completely ruined the city-state in the past 5 years of its rule.

Although the administrative and political collapse is visible in all parts of India, Delhi is particularly witnessing a hazardous situation where it has become almost impossible to live.

Today, Delhi is buried under lethal pollution, extreme corruption, lawlessness, economic slowdown, misgovernance, and political deceit. The politicians and bureaucrats have reduced the city-state of almost 30 million people to a veritable hell where all living creatures – humans and animals alike – are just waiting for their extinction.

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Under these unlivable conditions for the people of the city, Delhi is gearing up for the Assembly election. Kejriwal’s AAP – which won 67 of the 70 Assembly seats in Delhi in 2015 election to form the government – has caused such a damage to Delhi that now it will take it almost 50 years to recover from the ruins.

Now it is such a chaos in all departments under Kejriwal government that its ministers should have new titles such as Corruption Minister, Pollution Minister, Uneducated Minister, Unhealthy Minister, and Lawless Minister.

While AAP expects to win the Delhi election again, it will be a defeat for the people of Delhi if they elected Kejriwal and AAP in the Assembly election.

Modi’s party BJP had won only 3 Assembly seats in 2015. However, keeping in view its performance in the 2019 Lok Sabha election, the BJP is poised to win the Delhi Assembly election comfortably. Thanks largely to the electronic voting machines (EVMs), which always prefer BJP, Modi’s party won all the 7 Lok Sabha seats. The extinction of Congress and AAP’s failures will also help BJP win.

In the 2019 Lok Sabha election, BJP got 56.56% votes, followed by Congress (22.51%), and AAP (18.11%). Also, BJP’s Lok Sabha election performance shows that the party theoretically won at 65 of the 70 Assembly seats. Although Congress is a dead party, it managed to win at 5 Assembly seats while AAP lost at all in the just concluded election.

However, BJP’s victory in the 2020 Assembly election is not going to change the misfortune of Delhi residents who are living in miserable conditions. Today, there is hardly any local BJP leader who is intellectually competent to handle diverse problems of Delhi.

The government through the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) – which is among the most corrupt government departments of India – is working on the preparation of Master Plan Delhi-2041 (MPD-2041) with the aim to create a habitable infrastructure in Delhi.

However, the plan will never be implemented because of extreme bureaucratic and political corruption in Delhi. The people of Delhi, therefore, will keep existing in inhuman conditions.

By Rakesh Raman, who is a national award-winning journalist and social activist. He is the founder of the humanitarian organization RMN Foundation which is working in diverse areas to help the disadvantaged and distressed people in the society. He also creates and publishes a number of digital publications on different subjects.

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