With Mask Nobody More Patriotic Than Your Favorite President: Donald Trump

Photo: President Donald Trump
Photo: President Donald Trump

As Trump wants to win the election by hook or by crook, it is possible that he will fudge the coronavirus data with understated figures in order to downplay the effect of the virus.

By Rakesh Raman

While America is facing an unprecedented socio-economic ruckus under Donald Trump’s rule, self-conceited Trump says he is the favorite president of the people.

After refusing to wear a face mask in the coronavirus pandemic, Trump has started wearing it with the logic that it is a sign of patriotism. Earlier, he had maintained that mask is a symbol of weakness for rulers like him. Trump is known for his random flip-flops and frequent lies.

“We are united in our effort to defeat the invisible China virus, and many people say that it is patriotic to wear a face mask when you can’t socially distance. There is nobody more patriotic than me, your favorite President!,” Trump tweeted today (July 21) and posted his black-and-white photo wearing a face mask.

Although Trump believes that it is patriotic to wear a mask to avoid the virus transmission, he does not want other Americans to be “patriotic” like him. He wants to keep it optional for others who may or may not be patriotic.

In an interview on Sunday (July 19) to Chris Wallace of Fox News, Trump said he will not consider a national mask mandate because he wants Americans to have a certain freedom. He added that the virus will not disappear by simply wearing a mask.

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Trump has been ignoring the coronavirus and always said that it will disappear miraculously. However, because of his negligence, America continues to be the worst-affected country with nearly 4 million cases and 150,000 deaths.

It is largely believed that Trump has started wearing the mask because even Trump supporters in the Republican party were critical of his behavior and failure to handle the pandemic. Coronavirus is going to be the major factor that will decide the outcome of the November presidential election.

As Trump wants to win the election by hook or by crook, it is possible that he will fudge the coronavirus data with understated  figures in order to downplay the effect of the virus.

Scientists are already disturbed because the Trump administration did not publicly release a document that the Center for Public Integrity posted to show that the White House Coronavirus Task Force considers 18 states to be in the “red zone” for virus cases.

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