Amit Shah Led Delhi Riots, Shameless Modi Silent: Says Brinda Karat

Brinda Karat meeting people affected by Delhi violence. Photo: CPI(M)
Brinda Karat meeting people affected by Delhi violence. Photo: CPI(M)

Brinda Karat says that Amit Shah – whose whereabouts were not known during the days of violence – was secretly leading the rioters to attack people belonging to the minority community or Muslims.

By Rakesh Raman

Brinda Karat – a CPI(M) leader – did not mince her words to directly blame India’s Home Minister Amit Shah for the murderous attacks on innocent people of Delhi.

In a video interview with a local news channel, Ms Karat said that Amit Shah – whose whereabouts were not known during the days of violence last month – was secretly leading the rioters to attack people belonging to the minority community or Muslims. “Riots were 100% led by Amit Shah while the police were complicit in the crime,” she said.

While most people believe that the violence that started on February 23 in the northeast Delhi was supported by the government, more than 50 people lost their lives in it and over 200 people got injured, mostly with bullet wounds.

It is being alleged that PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are behind Delhi riots, as they had been spreading hatred between communities through their hate speeches with the aim to divide people on religious lines and win the recent Delhi election – that they finally lost.

Learn to Live Like Slaves

All opposition voices are meaningless if they cannot immediately remove Modi and Shah from their positions. As these autocratic rulers control the judiciary, police, and media, blatant attacks are taking place against students, protesters, and residents.

While the culprits are roaming freely and with the security provided by the government, the police and courts are taking action against the innocent people who are being attacked.

In the given circumstances, when all opposition parties and spineless opposition leaders have lost their relevance, Modi and Shah will continue their cruelty and win again in 2024 if they allowed election to take place.

Therefore, we – the people of India – must learn how to live like slaves.

Ms Karat observed that the Modi government perpetrated violence to avenge their defeat in the Delhi election. “Amit Shah allowed mobs to attack people (Muslims), as he wanted to change his electoral defeat to ideological victory,” she said, adding that Modi shamelessly issued only a perfunctory statement instead of taking action against the culprits.

The Delhi riots are similar to the Gujarat riots of 2002 that happened when Modi (who is now Prime Minister of India) was the Chief Minister (CM) of Gujarat state. Nearly 2,000 Muslims were murdered in the Gujarat massacre – that was believed to be directed by Modi.

While the Modi government completely failed to maintain law and order in Delhi, world’s top encyclopedia Wikipedia has described the Delhi riots as a state-sponsored pogrom designed to murder people belonging to the Muslim religion.

Wikipedia also claims that Hindu nationalist mobs linked with Modi’s BJP vandalized Muslim properties and mosques, while carrying saffron flags and chanting Jai Shri Ram.

Ms Karat said that Delhi Police is complicit in the crime as it refused to file FIR (police complaint) against BJP leaders, including Kapil Mishra, Anurag Thakur, Parvesh Verma, and others.

Police Failed to Stop Attacks Against Indian Muslims: Michelle Bachelet ]

While she has filed a court petition against these BJP leaders who were making inflammatory speeches, she said that along with Amit Shah, Delhi Police and the Lt. Governor of Delhi are also trying to protect the accused leaders and rioters.

Ms Karat also blamed police for filing false FIRs only against Muslims. In a particular area, she said, out of 27 FIRs, 26 are against Muslims who were actually attacked by the rioters.

After visiting the riot-hit areas of Delhi, she said the rehabilitation efforts of the Delhi government and Modi government are not sufficient while the victims are living in miserable conditions. Similarly, she criticized Congress – which is already a dead party – for its lackluster response toward the survivors of violence.

Ms Karat’s party CPI(M) has formed Delhi Solidarity Relief and Rehabilitation Committee to provide help to the people affected by violence.

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