How Rahul Gandhi Mocks Uneducated PM Modi

Rahul Gandhi. Photo: Congress (file photo)
Rahul Gandhi. Photo: Congress (file photo)

While most people in India feel ashamed of having an uneducated prime minister, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi ridiculed Modi’s crassness.

By Rakesh Raman

As the prime minister (PM) of India Narendra Modi is a totally illiterate man, the opposition party Congress and its leaders repeatedly ridicule Modi’s illiteracy. Modi cannot utter even a single sentence on any topic, in any language, without the help of a  teleprompter.

That is why in the past over 7 years of his rule, Modi did not face journalists in any open forum even once for the fear of getting exposed in front of them. His overdependence on teleprompter was manifested in a recent incident when the teleprompter stopped working during his speech.

In front of the global leaders – who were participating in the World Economic Forum’s Davos Agenda summit online to share their visions for the state of the world in 2022 – Modi was delivering his scripted Hindi speech on January 17.

But when his teleprompter malfunctioned midway, Modi went berserk as he could not say even a single word after the broken sentence. He kept looking sideways with the hope that the equipment would work and even played devious onscreen tricks to falsely give an impression that the other participants were not able to hear him.

In the video that went viral, it appeared that Modi even said a couple of words in English to hide his embarrassment, but his English words always roll in his mouth and do not come out smoothly. You cannot understand Modi’s English, although his communication skills in Hindi are also equally bad.

While most people in India feel ashamed of having an uneducated prime minister, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on January 18 ridiculed Modi’s crassness. Rahul Gandhi tweeted about the video, “Even the teleprompter could not take so many lies.” The Congress leader suggested that Modi repeatedly tells lies about his work in front of the global audience that cannot assess the real socio-economic disaster under Modi’s rule.

While people in India and abroad know that Modi is an illiterate politician, the Congress party has openly called him an “Angootha-Chhaap” (uneducated) man. According to various media reports, the Karnataka unit of Congress said recently that the country is suffering because Modi is an uneducated PM. 

“Congress built schools but Modi never went to study. Congress even set up schemes for adults to learn, Modi didn’t learn there too.  People who chose to beg for a living despite beggary being prohibited are today pushing citizens to beggary. Country is suffering because of “#angoothachhaap modi,” the Karnataka Congress tweeted in Kannada.  

Although Congress later regretted its tweet, the fact did not change that Modi is not qualified to run the country as its prime minister. Almost all people in India and abroad know that Modi is not an educated man and cannot talk on any intellectual subject.


But this bitter reality was earlier reiterated by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi when he questioned Modi’s educational qualification. Rahul Gandhi – who was having an open dialogue with students in Manipur – said that no one knows if Modi had ever attended a university.

He added that there is an RTI application in Delhi which queried to know about the degree of Modi but it was never responded to. People believe that in order to come in the category of developed nations, India should elect an educated prime minister who is not illiterate like Modi.

There is a huge controversy in India about the educational qualification of Modi. A political outfit Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) headed by Delhi’s chief minister (CM) Arvind Kejriwal says that the academic degrees being shown by Modi to prove his literacy level are fake. AAP’s allegations against Modi carry weight.

Picture this: Even when Modi reads the speeches written for him by others, it’s difficult to make heads or tails of his meaningless utterances as he is uneducated and speaks in broken English. West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee also said that Modi can’t speak a line in English properly and needs constant help from a teleprompter.

Rahul Gandhi raised the question of Modi’s qualification because of poor education quality in India which is not producing skilled people for employment in the modern job market. Since Modi himself is uneducated, he is not able to improve the education standards in the country. As a result, joblessness has been increasing exponentially under Modi’s rule in India. 

The illiteracy of Modi can also be assessed from the fact that in more than seven years of his tenure as PM, he held only one press conference which was so weird that Modi did not respond to even a single question and kept sitting like a statue. He can only deliver monotonous monologues, but can’t speak in open interactive forums. 

Since Modi is naive and illiterate, he does not interact with media persons when he goes abroad. But if Modi is so illiterate and can’t speak properly, why is he going abroad so frequently as the PM of India? And what does he say to foreign leaders when he does not have knowledge of any subject?

In fact, Modi should never be sent on any foreign trip and should not be allowed to participate in any online global event because with his naivety he is giving a bad name to India. And no wise person would attend his events in India or abroad. If foreign corporate leaders or politicians are making a beeline for Modi, they see a foolish buyer in him. 

As the PM of India, he is squandering public money worth billions of dollars to buy foreign products and services which are not required at all in India. Modi is spending public money lavishly just to gain some cheap publicity for himself on foreign lands because as an illiterate, Modi is suffering from an inferiority complex.


If Modi is so bad in his conduct, how did he become the PM? Actually, he wins the elections by exploiting the religious sentiment of Hindu voters (almost 80% of people in India are Hindus).

Modi – who was an accused in the Gujarat riots of 2002 in which nearly 2,000 Muslims were murdered – won the Lok Sabha election on the promise that he will make India a Hindu Rashtra (a nation only for Hindus).

Most Hindu voters bit the bait and voted for Modi as a religious demagogue rather than a wise leader. The dilemma began for Indian people as soon as Modi became the prime minister in 2014 because he is not trained to manage any field that requires professional competence.

In the 2002 Gujarat riots, while about 2,000 Muslims were killed, there were incidents of rape, robbery, and widespread destruction of property affecting Muslims. It was alleged that the killings were executed at the behest of Modi who was then the chief minister of Gujarat. 

Although Indian courts have almost exonerated Modi in this case, most Muslims in India still believe that Modi was responsible for the Gujarat massacre. The less said about the Indian courts, the better.

According to Human Rights Watch, the attacks against Muslims in Gujarat were actively supported by state government officials and the police. Also, police told Muslims, “We have no orders to save you.”

As a result, the U.S. administration denied visa to Modi in view of the allegations of human rights violations against him in the 2002 incidents of riots and carnage. But as he has become the PM of India, Modi is visiting the U.S. frequently because now he enjoys political immunity.


In fact, Modi is not the true leader who should represent India in global forums. It is largely believed that Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) win elections deceptively by tampering with the electronic voting machines (EVMs). And where they cannot manipulate EVMs, they hoodwink the gullible voters with false promises and dirty tricks.

While there is no real terrorism in India, Modi spreads fear among the voters by creating a false or stage-managed terrorism situation so that voters must elect Modi and his party with the hope that Modi will protect them from terrorists.

Under the Modi government, the already deformed democracy in the country has become a plutocracy or perhaps kleptocracy (the rule by thieves) controlled by the corporate bigwigs who hobnob with Modi.

The democracy in its current form is promoting only incompetence, and incompetent people like Modi become the rulers of highly competent and educated citizens who are being treated like slaves. This is the main reason that India continues to exist as an underdeveloped country.

While people of India have been suffering for the past seven decades under the rules of all political parties, there is an immediate need for a countrywide movement aimed to usher in a new competence-based political model.

By Rakesh Raman, who is a national award-winning journalist and social activist. He is the founder of a humanitarian organization RMN Foundation which is working in diverse areas to help the disadvantaged and distressed people in the society.

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