Open Letter to Arvind Kejriwal to Stop Corruption in Delhi

Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind Kejriwal

Open Letter to Arvind Kejriwal to Stop Corruption in Delhi


Mr. Arvind Kejriwal
Chief Minister

May 28, 2019

Dear Mr. Kejriwal,

Although you repeatedly claim in your speeches that there is no corruption in Delhi, the fact is that corruption is spreading like a pandemic disease at every step in Delhi.

Along with my other anti-corruption activities, I run a community service “Clean House” to report about corruption cases in Delhi’s cooperative group housing societies (CGHS) where millions of people live.

People tell me that corruption is so rampant in every government department that it is almost impossible to get even the genuine work done without bribing the government officials.

And particularly the office of the Registrar Cooperative Societies (RCS) is running an organized corruption racket in connivance with the corrupt managing committee (MC) members of housing societies.

Now, Delhi Fire Service (DFS) and Delhi Development Authority (DDA) have also become part of the crime as they are allowing floor area ratio (FAR) construction which is spreading lethal dust and noise pollution in housing societies. The total corruption money involved in FAR construction is estimated to be thousands of crores of rupees.

You usually say that you have no control over DDA. But why can’t you stop massive corruption at RCS office – which I have learnt uses external agents to accept bribes from MC members of societies and others to allow corruption? The RCS officials deliberately delay and scuttle corruption inquiries of corrupt housing societies.

The corruption at RCS office has become a lucrative business for top government officers who are appointed for short periods of time for making quick money and then replaced with new officers to evade accountability.

You are well aware of extreme corruption at RCS office as a former Registrar J.B. Singh and his predecessor Shurbir Singh have been the target of a Delhi Assembly Committee probe for an alleged Rs. 100-crore scam in Delhi Nagrik Sehkari Bank. But the case was hushed up.

Most people know that the RCS office has a long history of corruption and reportedly many of its officers have been caught and jailed even by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in corruption cases.

Now, in response to my comprehensive complaints, the Directorate of Vigilance, Delhi Government has directed the Chief Vigilance Officer of DDA and Secretary (Cooperation), Cooperative Societies Department of Delhi Government respectively to hold inquiries against Udai Pratap Singh (IAS, Retd.), former Vice Chairman, DDA; J.B. Singh (IAS, Retd.), former Registrar RCS; and Jayadev Sarangi (IAS, Retd.), former Registrar RCS.

As your government is not willing to stop corruption, I am doing your work and trying to expose corruption in Delhi. Mr. Kejriwal, if you, your cooperative minister, and other colleagues are not able to stop corruption at RCS office, it shows your complicity in the criminal act.

You can’t always crib that you are not being allowed to work by some imaginary external forces. If you really want to stop corruption at RCS office and you are not being heard by the bureaucrats, you should go and sit on a dharna in front of the RCS office. I will accompany you.

In order to understand the extent of corruption in Delhi, you should go through the report that I have prepared to reveal extreme corruption in FAR projects of cooperative group housing societies (CGHS).

You can study it and instruct RCS officials to immediately stop FAR construction in all housing societies of Delhi. The corrupt RCS officials will object to your instruction by saying that they can’t stop construction because it comes under DDA. You can assert that since it’s a CGHS issue, RCS office must stop construction. Don’t behave like a helpless soul in front of these corrupt bureaucrats.

Please DO NOT simply forward this email to your colleagues and I urge you to take an instant action (today itself) at your own desk by taking punitive action against RCS officials. As it should be a transparent action, you should release a press note on the action that you are taking. Please don’t feel scared.

This will be a good first step for you after nearly 5 years of your beleaguered government to actually weed out corruption from Delhi. If you think so, I can help you remove corruption from the RCS office by making a stepwise plan. Then you can emulate this model to stop corruption at other government offices.

Hope you understand, because time is quickly running out for you and your government.

From Rakesh Raman, who is a national award-winning journalist and social activist. He is the founder of a humanitarian organization RMN Foundation which is working in diverse areas to help the disadvantaged and distressed people in the society. He also creates and publishes a number of digital publications on different subjects.

This letter will also be published in The Integrity Bulletin newsletter that I publish to cover international corruption news and issues.

About Me – Rakesh Raman

Rakesh Raman
Rakesh Raman

I am a national award-winning journalist and social activist. Besides working at senior editorial positions with leading media companies, I was writing an edit-page column regularly for The Financial Express (a daily business newspaper of The Indian Express Group).

Nowadays, for the past about 8 years, I have been running my own global news services on different subjects. I also have formed a free Education and Career Counselling Center for deserving children at a poor J.J. Colony in Dwarka, New Delhi under my NGO – RMN Foundation.

I run an exclusive community-driven anti-corruption social service “Clean House” to help the suffering residents of Delhi raise their voice against the growing corruption and injustice. I also have formed an environment-protection group called Green Group in Delhi.

I create and distribute a number of digital publications that cover areas such as technology, law, environment, education, politics, corruption and transparency. I have created a comprehensive online information service to educate the Indian voters for the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

Earlier, I had been associated with the United Nations (UN) through United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) as a digital media expert to help businesses use technology for brand marketing and business development.


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