After Blaming Jawaharlal Nehru, Now Modi Targets Indira Gandhi

Narendra Modi. Photo: PIB (file photo)
Narendra Modi. Photo: PIB (file photo)

While judiciary has become totally ineffective under Modi’s rule, he has blamed Indira Gandhi for this debacle.

By Rakesh Raman

You can’t blame Narendra Modi if he has gone berserk just before the Lok Sabha election. He wants to win election by hook or by crook.

During his tenure of 5 years as the Prime Minister (PM), Modi has brought India to a brink of disaster. Rampant corruption, deteriorating foreign relations, increasing terrorism, and joblessness have been the hallmarks of his government.

As Modi and his party BJP have failed on all fronts, they have nothing to boast in order to woo the voters. Now they are using cheap gimmicks to draw people’s attention with the help of dishonest media outlets that work as Modi’s personal properties.

Close on the heels of blaming the first PM of India Jawaharlal Nehru who had died more than 50 years ago, now Modi has targeted another Congress leader and former PM Indira Gandhi – daughter of Nehru – who died in 1984.

While judiciary has become totally ineffective under Modi’s rule, he has blamed Indira Gandhi for this debacle. In a new article written on Wednesday (March 20), Modi accused Indira Gandhi for destroying Indian institutions such as courts.

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“Congress’ contempt for the courts is anyway legendary. It was Mrs. Indira Gandhi who called for a ‘committed judiciary’, which seeks to make the courts more loyal to a family than to the Constitution,” Modi wrote on his website.

He added that Congress’ modus operandi is simple – reject, discredit, and threaten. “If a judicial verdict goes against them, they reject it, then they discredit the judge and thereafter, talk about bringing impeachment motions against the judge,” Modi said.

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Modi also accused Congress of playing dynastic politics and threatening the freedom of the press. “Dynastic parties have never been comfortable with a free and vibrant press. No wonder, the very first Constitutional Amendment brought in by the Congress government sought to curtail free speech,” Modi said in his article. “Speaking truth to power, which is the hallmark of a free press was seen as vulgar and indecent.”

He added that the recent Congress-led UPA (United Progressive Alliance) years saw the bringing of a law that could land you in prison for posting anything “offensive.”

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“A tweet against the son of a powerful UPA minister could land innocent citizens in jail. Just a few days ago, the nation watched with horror when a few youngsters were arrested for expressing their true feelings at a programme in Karnataka, where the Congress is sharing power,” Modi stated.

“But I want to tell Congress that no amount of intimidation will change the ground realities. Curbing freedom of expression will not change people’s poor impression of the party,” Modi warned.

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“The biggest casualty of dynastic politics are institutions. From the press to Parliament. From soldiers to free speech. From the Constitution to the courts. Nothing is spared,” Modi said.

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The Lok Sabha election will be held in 7 phases: 1st Phase – 11th April, 2nd Phase – 18th April, 3rd Phase – 23rd April, 4th Phase – 29th April, 5th Phase – 6th May, 6th Phase – 12th May, and 7th Phase – 19th May. The counting of votes will take place on 23rd May.

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