Delhi Liquor Scam: Kejriwal Blames PM Modi for ED Chargesheet

Arvind Kejriwal, chief minister, Delhi
Arvind Kejriwal, chief minister, Delhi

Delhi Liquor Scam: Kejriwal Blames PM Modi for ED Chargesheet

The ED said that Sanjay Singh’s notice is an attempt to malign the image of the investigating agency while the matter is subjudice in the court. 

By Rakesh Raman

Delhi chief minister (CM) and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal – as usual – has accused prime minister Narendra Modi of collusion with the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to implicate AAP leaders in the Delhi liquor scandal.

He was referring to a recent chargesheet filed by the ED in which an AAP leader Sanjay Singh’s name has been included. In response to a legal notice, ED clarified that Sanjay Singh’s name appears four times in the said chargesheet, but only one reference was wrongly typed.

But Kejriwal, Sanjay Singh, and other AAP leaders are issuing misleading statements that Sanjay Singh’s name was deliberately added in the chargesheet to implicate him in the liquor mafia case. However, the ED never said that Sanjay Singh’s name is not in the chargesheet.

The AAP group is also claiming falsely that ED has apologized for its mistake of including AAP leader’s name in the chargesheet. In fact, ED did not apologize and rather warned Sanjay Singh in its response to the legal notice by him that the AAP leader should not make misleading statements in the media as it is an illegal activity. 

The ED also said in its response dated April 29 that Sanjay Singh’s notice is an attempt to malign the image of the investigating agency while the matter is subjudice in the court. The Delhi unit of BJP posted the ED response on Twitter. 


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In a tweet posted today (May 3), Kejriwal said mischievously, “How can a name be included in a chargesheet by mistake?” He added along with a vague media report that Modi is trying to harm AAP and the liquor scam is a fake case.

In fact, a number of AAP politicians are allegedly involved in the multi-crore rupees liquor scandal. An AAP leader and former deputy CM in the Kejriwal government Manish Sisodia is already in jail for his alleged involvement in the liquor scam. The court has repeatedly rejected his bail applications.

According to an NDTV report of May 2, along with Sanjay Singh, even Kejriwal’s name is also mentioned in the chargesheet related to Delhi liquor scam. Another AAP politician and Kejriwal’s toady Raghav Chadha is also named in the chargesheet, although he believes that he is not an accused in this case.

It is alleged that Chadha was a member of a meeting in which the dubious liquor policy was discussed. The law states that if you are participating in a criminal activity and not informing about it to the police with the aim to hide the criminality, then you are also a culprit and complicit in the crime. The ED has not yet fully disclosed Chadha’s role in the liquor scandal.

While most AAP politicians are telling lies deliberately to hoodwink the gullible public, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had called Kejriwal for questioning on April 16 in the liquor scandal case. When their names appear in the investigation reports, AAP members start shouting loudly at repeated press conferences to make false claims.

Similarly, AAP politicians in Punjab led by CM Bhagwant Mann may be arrested and jailed as the dubious Delhi liquor policy is being implemented in Punjab also. 

The president of the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) Sukhbir Singh Badal has urged the Punjab Governor to hold a probe into the alleged Rs. 500-crore liquor policy scam committed by the AAP Government in the state. 

Although Kejriwal and other AAP politicians are making false and misleading statements about the liquor scandal to mislead the investigating agencies, it is likely that soon more AAP members would be jailed for their criminality in this case.

Meanwhile, Delhi Lt. Governor (LG) Vinai Saxena has ordered an investigation into the reported Rs. 45 crore wastage of public money by Kejriwal on the renovation of his house. In this case of misappropriation of public funds, the AAP politicians are again making misleading statements to protect Kejriwal.

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