How Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Tells Lies About Jobs in Delhi

Arvind Kejriwal, chief minister, Delhi
Arvind Kejriwal, chief minister, Delhi

Since Kejriwal and others in his party have been telling lies, their claims of jobs have been inconsistent during the past many months. 

By Rakesh Raman

The supreme leader of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Arvind Kejriwal who is also the chief minister (CM) of Delhi is perhaps the most ruthless liar in Indian politics. He tells lies even at those places where truth can work.

Since falsehood and dishonesty have become the eligibility traits to join and stay in AAP, Kejriwal’s party members also tell lies shamelessly. After making misleading and false statements on many other issues, now Kejriwal and his clique are spreading lies on jobs in Delhi.

Kejriwal and his accomplices in AAP have been repeatedly claiming that their government has provided 10 lakh jobs in the private sector to people of Delhi through its Rozgar Bazaar portal. 

But it is estimated that only about 12,500 people got some jobs through the portal in about 2 years since its launch in July 2020. According to a July 2 report in The Hindu newspaper, Kejriwal’s Delhi Government doesn’t have names or any other details of people who actually got jobs.

Since Kejriwal and others in his party have been telling lies, their claims of jobs have been inconsistent during the past many months. The Hindu report reveals that the AAP government’s claims on the “10 lakh jobs” have varied over the past 20 months, depending on who made the claim and where it was made.

In an interview with The Hindu in March, when asked about it, Kejriwal’s associate and deputy CM Manish Sisodia said that 10 lakh people actually got jobs through the portal and it was not that 10 lakh openings were posted on the portal.

But as per the data, according to The Hindu, only 76,646 candidates were “screened” by people who posted the jobs and 12,588 were the “candidates selected” from the portal since its inception in July 2020 until May 1 this year. 

In order to hide the actual data of the number of jobs which is a fraction of the government’s claims, the Kejriwal government never made this detailed data public.

The report adds that instead of releasing the job figures publicly, Kejriwal is giving misleading statements. “Details about 10 lakh jobs are there in Delhi government’s web portal… Go and check in Delhi Government’s Rozgar portal,” Kejriwal – according to The Hindu – had said in an interview with India Today in March. But the portal does not have any details on the number of jobs provided.

Similarly, Kejriwal and AAP are telling lies about their performance in Delhi. As the CM of Delhi, Kejriwal has completely destroyed Delhi where the people are suffering under unprecedented corruption, lack of basic services such as water and electricity, extreme pollution, deteriorating school education, and disastrous health care systems.

As there are multiple complaints of corruption and misappropriation of public funds against the AAP politicians, it is believed that Kejriwal uses the corruption money to buy false advertisements and fake media reports to publicize his performance as the CM of Delhi.

“AAP is a PR company posing as a political party. RTI has revealed that Bhagwant Mann government has given Rs. 38 crore of public money in 60 days to media in and outside Punjab,” tweeted Pargat Singh, an MLA in Punjab. Bhagwant Mann – who belongs to AAP – is a puppet CM of Punjab while Kejriwal holds his strings.

And now Kejriwal is spreading these lies with fake advertisements in other states where elections are going to take place. Kejriwal and AAP have already won the recent Punjab election by telling lies and deceiving the Punjab voters.

However, the dirty tricks of AAP now stand exposed in Punjab. Just after 3 months of forming the government, AAP lost nearly 400,000 votes in one parliamentary constituency. In the Sangrur Lok Sabha (Parliament) byelection, AAP received only 247,332 votes as compared to 643,354 votes in the Assembly election.

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