Delhi LG Vinai Saxena Accuses Arvind Kejriwal of Subterfuge

Arvind Kejriwal, chief minister, Delhi
Arvind Kejriwal, chief minister, Delhi

Corruption has become so rampant in the Kejriwal government that a new law should be made to dissolve the Delhi Legislative Assembly and run the government with a newly constituted administrative council of domain experts.

By Rakesh Raman

A day after Delhi Lieutenant Governor (LG) Vinai Saxena threatened to sue Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) politicians for defamation, he accused AAP leader and Delhi chief minister (CM) Arvind Kejriwal of subterfuge.

In a series of tweets today (September 1), Saxena said that he had informed Kejriwal about grave anomalies in the Excise Policy for the sale of liquor in Delhi and the Cabinet headed by Kejriwal withdrew it.

But he added that now Kejriwal and his party have unleashed a personal attack on him, accusing him of corruption in an unrelated case. 

The AAP has accused Saxena of corruption and demanded his resignation and arrest. In a series of media interactions on August 29, AAP alleged that after the demonetization announcement in 2016 Saxena tried to launder Rs. 22 lakh as the chairman of Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC). 

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But later without any evidence, the AAP started quoting Rs. 1400 crore as corruption amount in the KVIC case. Since LG Saxena has ordered investigations into the alleged liquor scam and classroom construction scam of AAP, Kejriwal’s party has gone vindictive against Saxena and levelling baseless allegations against him.

After the August 19 raids by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) at the residence of AAP politician Manish Sisodia, he and his party colleagues are telling blatant lies or half-truths with the aim to protect him in the liquor mafia collusion case.

Sisodia – who is a deputy CM under Kejriwal – is facing serious allegations of  corruption, criminal conspiracy, and falsification of government accounts, while the CBI has filed an FIR in which Sisodia’s name is at the top of a list of 15 accused in this case.

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In July, LG Saxena – who is the administrative head of Delhi – had asked the CBI to probe Sisodia’s surreptitious links with the liquor mafia that led to massive corruption in the sale of liquor shop licences in the city.

An August 22 article in The New Indian Express details different aspects of the case along with the names of the accused who allegedly colluded with Sisodia to run the criminal liquor network involved in an estimated corruption of hundreds of crores of rupees.

Now, instead of answering the media questions related to Delhi liquor scam in which Sisodia is allegedly involved, the AAP members are unsuccessfully trying to divert the case to unrelated issues such as Delhi school education that Sisodia handles and baseless allegations on Saxena.

While AAP is already embroiled in multiple cases of crime and corruption, Saxena has also ordered a probe into Delhi’s classrooms construction projects. He has sought a report from the Delhi Chief Secretary over the delay of more than 2 years in the Vigilance Department action advised by India’s top anti-corruption organization Central Vigilance Commission (CVC).

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It is alleged that there are gross financial irregularities in the construction of classrooms carried out by the AAP politicians and huge corruption has happened in the construction projects.

But Kejriwal and others in his clique are telling lies and evading questions related to their felonies. “Unfortunately CM Kejriwal Ji in desperation has resorted to diversionary tactics and false accusations. I would not be surprised if in the coming days more such baseless personal attacks are made on me and my family,” Saxena tweeted.

He added, “Kejriwal should know that I will under no circumstances whatsoever be deterred from my constitutional duties. My commitment to improving the lives of the people of Delhi remains unwavering. I called for good governance, zero tolerance to corruption and better services for the people of Delhi.”

Saxena also tweeted that Kejriwal is not signing the files sent to LG office for approval. It is believed that Kejriwal is not signing the files because like a seasoned con man he does not want to leave any evidence of his deceptive activities.

Corruption has become so rampant in the Kejriwal government that a new law should be made to dissolve the Delhi Legislative Assembly and run the government with a newly constituted administrative council of domain experts.

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